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If you have been struggling to get your book noticed, this is your solution!

Ok guys,

I want to launch this book quickly.

So I am closing this offer in 7 days.

After that, we will be in full book launch mode!

Many of you already know me.

You also know that book promotion is my life.

I have helped hundreds of authors launch their

I live and breathe book promotion.

And I love seeing authors win.

This time I’m doing it LIVE!

You will see everything I do to launch a bestseller.

My latest strategies, techniques, tactics, twists,
and brainstorms.

These are the tactics that are working right now.

You will be behind-the-scenes with me.

And you will be able to apply everything to all of your
books from now on.

I will also be trying new things and some radical

This is an experiment after all.

And that gives us a lot of freedom.

You will now have the secret recipe.

I like to call it Formula X. 🙂

Some of our promotional options:

  • Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Bookbub
  • Using Yasiv!
  • Emotional Key Words
  • Viral video
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Targeting sub, sub genres
  • Dramatic book descriptions
  • GTRWHW (Will explain inside)
  • Optimum book price
  • Kindle Unlimited Y/N?

And some top secret ones I will reveal
only inside the group.

If your book is chosen, you keep any profits the
campaign generates.

If your book is not chosen, don’t panic!

You can copy everything I do and use it directly for
your books.

I will help you every step of the way.

You can brainstorm with me directly for every book you

The Facebook group will become a permanent
resource for you.

And the group members can be your most powerful allies.

We already have many top book promoters and Kindle
trainers in the

These are experts.

And they are very good people to have on your side.

These are people I consider my friends.

And they are some of the most helpful and motivated people on
the planet.

We also have some top-selling authors in the group.

Not to mention editors, book designers, graphic artists, etc.

And they will be part of your support group as you launch.

So, get motivated!

I predict a whole bunch of people are about to
have a real success

Get on board, be a part of this, we are launching the book soon!

Full speed ahead!

Limited Time Offer!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Contact: [email protected]

� ic7 Media 2016

Contact us directly for a full refund, or guarantee will not be honored: [email protected]

If you are at all concerned about whether we will be able to deliver on our promises or not, we do offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this offer. If you decide that you want to take advantage of our Money-Back Guarantee, simply send an email to our support team at [email protected] to make your request.

Please allow us up to 72-hours to process your refund request, as we do have lives off of the Internet too. Also be advised that if you file a dispute with PayPal concerning your purchase of our products, our money-back guarantee offer will become null-and-void, and we will fight all disputes and chargeback requests processed within PayPal, with the intent to win the dispute.

Should you choose to file a dispute with PayPal, instead of allowing us to process a refund through normal channels, then our No-Questions-Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee will become null-and-void, and we will fight your dispute with the intent of winning the dispute.

DISCLAIMER: This is a legally required disclaimer to explain to you that results may vary person by person. I stand by my products and truly believe my products are world class. However, I can’t guarantee results. The fact is, you may make money with this product, you may lose money, or you may make no money. Any testimonials associated with this product have not been verified. They may not be typical results. We have no statistical data to judge these results. In fact, it may be that most people that buy training products make no money at all with them, and they don’t implement the products. In other words, if you don’t take action and put the training to work, then it is not possible to have success. So please take action!

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