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World’s Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

Hey there,

I need to get this off my chest before it explodes…

I’ve just stumbled across a brand new method which might be the world’s fastest way to make affiliate commissions…

  • It’s extremely simple and thus…perfect for beginners.
  • You can start on a small budget…and get results fast (You don’t need $1000s to get started)
  • It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes of work…to keep it running!
  • You get consistent commissions from other people’s products every day
  • Once, you grasp the idea…you can scale this up to a full time income within record time!
  • This is a real business…not a short-term gimmick (or a get-rich-quick deal)…It will keep churning profits till your grandchildren have grandchildren!
  • You don’t need to do any SEO, forum posting, facebook, AdWords, Bing, PPV, 7Search…

Sounds too good to be true?

Now, I know you might be skeptical…you have every right to be.

Who among us hasn’t been burnt by scam-artists…who have never made a dime with their own methods. Am I right?

I’ve know this first hand…as I have more than 500 WSOs collecting dust in my hard-drive.

But, this is 100% different.

That’s why let me tell you a little bit about it, and then you can make up your own mind:

My name is Nishant. I’m a digital nomad…living the laptop lifestyle that you always read about in magazines and see in movies. I’ve been earning a full time income from list building…since the past 4 years! And, most of it has come from selling other people’s products.

It has allowed to me travel all over the world! Just this year, I’ve travelled with my girlfriend to Thailand (where we spent almost 4 months living on an exotic island next to the beach), Nepal (where the Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world is located), Cambodia (we stayed near Angkor Wat, the 7th wonder of the world).

Again, that’s what we were able to do… just this year!

The truth is as you already know…travelling isn’t cheap! You can’t earn less than $5000 per month, and travel luxuriously…even in third world countries.

I’m not telling you all this to brag…but I want you to know that it’s possible to live the kind of life you’ve always imagined. The kind of life you secretly thought was possible only for someone else.

I’m the living proof that it is possible for "you" to have it!

I mean that.

When I started out I never thought such a thing could even be possible, in fact things were worse than you can imagine…

You see, before I had an online business (even knew what it was)…I had hit rock-bottom.

I was totally broke. I didn’t even have enough money to afford a place to stay…for over a year I managed to stay on my friend’s couch…which I shared with his dog! Since, I didn’t have any college degree I couldn’t even get a decent job. I lived on instant noodles…and leftover food.

My life was truly pathetic…and I had come close to living on the street!!

But, all that changed…

… because of the Warrior Forum. I was able to discover this lifestyle through which I can travel freely, and not worry about a thing in the world. I owe everything to it!

I could’ve never imagined actually having this care-free, don’t give a rat’s ass about money, kind of life-style.

That’s why, I feel, it’s my responsibility to help anyone who is seriously struggling to make it online.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person that isn’t serious about having an online income or if you believe that you don’t deserve it, then please leave this page.

Still here? Nice. I had a feeling that you would be.

Let me ask you, do you want the state of financial freedom…which will allow you to live worry free for the rest of your life…travel the world if you want… or take a vacation for months at time?

Then, without further ado, let me tell you, how you can get there…

Recently, I was at an underground $11,000 per person, invite-only’ internet marketing private event.

It was one of those events that are never advertised. You won’t even find it listed on "insiders" forums. It’s kind of like fight club where everyone is hush-hush about it.

The class of marketers who get invited to these insider events are the top 1% …"IM millionaires"…the big dogs who are raking in the largest paydays in our industry, day-after-day, for countless years in a row.

The real beauty of this event is…the information you get is "ultra real". Nothing his held back. This is the place where all the golden nuggets are spilled.

Get this: The best part of the event was when a prominent IM marketer revealed…

…a dirty little secret…so powerful
…that it made me fall of my chair

Frankly, I didn’t believe it in the start. It didn’t make sense—-how could something so simple make so much money? It couldn’t be true. But then he kept showing us proof after proof, the photos of his bank account, and I couldn’t contain my rage.

Why was I angry? Well because "the secret" was so simple, so stupid. Yet it made more than $10,000+ for each of his campaigns.

And, all the while, he was showing it, I kept calculating how hard I had to work to get to that income level. If only I knew this secret trick before…

…it was right in front of me all this time. Yet, I was blind to it. It was money hidden in plain sight. How could I have never seen it?

Have you ever had the "I wish I knew THIS before" feeling? Imagine it magnified a 1000 times.

And get this…that secret trick he showed us was not his main earner. It was nothing but a cherry on top of what he was already doing.

He had been using this secret trick "on top" of his existing campaigns that shot up his profit margin by 50%-500%. (That amounts to a lot when you consider that he was making $50,000 per day in revenue)

I couldn’t contain my excitement.
I was like a baby in a chocolate factory…

At the end of his talk, he said, only PRO’s could benefit from this secret. He insisted only Pro’s need to keep and use this secret.

Now, this is where he and I differed.

I strongly believed this trick could be the "best kept secret" for newcomers, because it was so easy to implement, and its profit potential was so massive.

This is the single biggest reason why, pros see success online way more times than beginners dream possible.

And, it’s not because they know more… it’s because of this secret which takes less than "10 minutes of work".

Can you imagine how your bank account will look like after you "grasp" this one simple trick? 5 times heavier? 10 times heavier?

This is not the kind of secret that you would find in an ordinary WSO.

Let me paint a clearer picture (hint: it’s more than money)…

The top 1% IM’ers have used such "secrets" like the one I’m telling you about, and they live a dream life that is hard for a normal person to believe!

Their "office" lies in their living room overlooking the ocean.

Most mornings, they sit at their kitchen table in their underwear listening to the soothing sound of waves. (they really do…I’ve seen it first hand)

Most of them aren’t working for more than 4 hours are day. And believe it or not…surveys have revealed most of them…still feel that they are working too "long". Even though, in fact, they are so close to the "4-hour workweek" kind of a Laptop lifestyle.

And, even though they don’t even have more than one employee, their bank account still gets fatter by $10,000 to $50,000 ever single month.

Isn’t that the kind of life you want (at least for a while)?

These "worry free" millionaires are bound to nothing, they can take a vacation whenever they like. They can spend entire weekends (some weekdays) with their families.

They get to enjoy the things that are truly important in life. They never have to deal with the screaming bosses, debt-collectors, jealous co-workers, etc…

What is the difference between an average Joe
and all these "lazy" Millionaires?

It’s not what you might imagine. These millionaires aren’t rich because they are smarter than the average hardworking Joe. They aren’t rich because they work 10 times more than him (it’s probably 10 times less)…

…they are rich because they have an unfair advantage. Most millionaires have to access to profit-multiplying "secret tricks" that they don’t want anyone else to know.

But, what about the "other side" which never
gets access to such "secrets"?

You already know the kind of life they’re forced to live. The troubles they have to face. The number of times they’re made fun of (called stupid, idiot, loser, etc.)…just because they’re doing something that doesn’t fit the "norm".

They are constantly plagued with bills they can never pay. They are forced to work hard like donkeys on a farm, and still they’re paid way less than they deserve. They never get a single bit of appreciation in their life.

Life is extremely unfair to them. Although, it’s totally not their fault.

Let me ask you,

Which Side Do You Think You Belong To?

There is only one side you can be a part of. Once, you’ve made your choice…you can never go back.

The truth is everyone has to struggle. There is no escaping it.

But, some people do little (take the right steps) and quickly achieve success… while others have to grind blood, sweat and tears for years…or even decades…to get one step ahead .

One side is forced to give up their freedom. They’re chained to keep struggling: they’re made to get up early in the morning, they keep breaking their back for 8 hrs per day for an income which is way less than what they deserve, although no one would admit it – they’re treated like second-class citizens, they’ve no control over time, their health keeps deteriorating…

While others are making all the money, having all the fun…

…it’s like they’re on a fast lane to success…as everyone else is struggling hard taking one step at a time…they get a special access pass’ to zip all the way over them…

Which side is better? Obvious, isn’t it? So…

…have you made the right choice yet?

All right, if you want to taste what it’s like to live on the "easier" side of success, then I’ve made something for you that will amaze you…

I’ve put down this simple secret (the one we talked about before) in a book…which will take your hand…and guide you all the way from 0′ to a your first online profits!

But, that’s not it. Here is what you get:

10 Minute Affiliate Commissions:

Fastest way to make affiliate commission known to man! And, the only way to build a profitable income stream within 10 minutes.

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

It doesn’t require you to have your own product. You can make even more money selling other peoples products. It converts like bonkers! And, doesn’t require you to be a writer, programmer, or have marketing skills of any sort.

You’ll also discover:

– The ordinary old way of setting up a business vs. the new amazing way to set up a business

– How to shoot up your bottom-line profits by 168%. Plus, the invisible trick used by McDonalds (feels so natural that prospects don’t even know they’re doing it) to double…triple their revenues! And, simple way to duplicate those results…

– The hottest secret of the fastest affiliate cash generator in the world…and the easy formula used in the "10 Minute Commissions" system to generate chunky profits if you’re in a serious hurry!

– 5 proven ways to tell if an affiliate product is going to bank dollars…or suck your credit card dry! Plus, how to decipher that before you choose any product. Can you imagine how much hard earned money and headaches this will cut from your life?

– The most important thing you should look for in an affiliate product (Without it, you are toast!)

– How to craft "eye candy" headlines in less than 9 seconds …it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie…or a super newbie who hasn’t written a single headline before! And, how this quick formula can multiply your profits by a factor of 1400%

– One thing you MUST DO to make your affiliate marketing campaigns profitable

(Module Value: $27)

Easy Tech Set up Guide:

Here you’ll discover the easiest…and the quickest way to get started in less than 4 hours. How to setup your entire campaign without any hassle.

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

Here is what you get:

– What is an auto responder and why you need it

– The easiest way to do all the tech-stuff

– A cheap yet effective way to transfer the ideas from your head to the computer and the rest…if you’re on a budget

– How to set up the 10 minute affiliate commission process in the shortest time humanly possible

– 3 Videos that go into step by step detail on how it’s done…total hand held process which even the newest of the newbies can understand!

(Module Value: $27)

You also get these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Top 2 Ultra Profitable Traffic Sources

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

Here you’ll discover how you can start building profitable traffic for FREE. Or, you can choose fast paid traffic. Anyways, when you try this new list building system, remember that you don’t pay for traffic…

Traffic Always Pays You

– Two highest profitable traffic sources that you can use today to get a hoard of traffic to your website

– Number #1 Free traffic source which has over 100 million users…

– Number #1 Paid traffic source that is easy to master and make profit from

– What you MUST know about your prospects before you take ANY action!

– Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic (which one should you use if you want to profit in the fastest time possible)

– Fastest Way to Get Free Targeted buyers to your website…who will hang on to every word you say…and buy everything your recommend (But, only if you do THIS first)

(Module Value: $27)

Bonus#2: Super Beginners Guide to Quick Start List Building

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

This special report takes you on a journey to the insider world of internet marketing. You’ll get an understanding of the internet marketing world that few get to experience! You’ll absorb mindsets like:

– What they really mean when they say – "there is money in the list"

– The secret of doubling and even TRIPPLING your sales with this super simple formula

– The RIGHT time to send Long Emails….and the WRONG time to send Short Emails

– 2 CRITICAL things you must do if you want your list to send you buckets full of $100 bills

– What kind of FREE content do your subscribers WANT? And, how much should you GIVE…you want to turn them into "BUYERS"…otherwise, all your hard work will NEVER make money!

– The exact character limits that you need to have in your email…and scientific reason why should PUT any MORE effort than THIS (More WORK than this = LESSER SALES)

– Ingenious Way used in the P. S section to boost your sales by 56%

[Module Value: $17]

Bonus #3: The Scientific Secret of Designing Follow-Up Sequences

This is an extremely interesting report because you’ll see where the real money lies in internet marketing. And, it’s not what you think…

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

You’ll find out breakthrough secrets like:

– The tiny part of your business you absolutely MUST pay attention to…because 80% of your profits hide there

– How often should you email your list (unexpected results shown after a deep study done by two leading email marketing companies)

– When is the best time to email your list…and increase your profits by 35%

– The psychology behind creating sequences and writing emails that create buying frenzy!

– How to create a powerful autoresponder follow-up sequence…that creates an addiction cycle in your prospects (Use with care)

– 2 Types of Emails which build Bond and trust…and 2 other types of emails that generate fast cash!

[Module Value: $17]

Bonus #4: (Video) How to Select An Affiliate Product That Sells! [Live Case Study]

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

This 15 minute video makes it extremely easy for any beginner to start from zero…and…find out:

– How to setup an account on an affiliate network…extremely detailed process where I show you everything from creating a new account…all the way…to getting an affiliate link for a high converting product.

– Sure-fire way to ensure that you get approved every time for any offer!

– How many sales must a product have before you decide to promote it

– 5 Affiliate offer metrics That Top Affiliates Pay Extremely close attention to

– Sneaky Insider Secrets of how affiliate networks design their metrics

[Module Value: $27]

Let me guess the top question on your mind:

What’s the price you’ll have to pay for it?

Let me show you the value you’re getting today:

10-minute Affiliate Commissions – Valued at $47

Easy Tech setup – Valued at $27

Plus, these bonuses:

Bonus #1: Top 2 Ultra Profitable Traffic Sources – Valued at $27

Bonus#2: Super Beginners Guide to Quick Start List Building – Valued at $17

Bonus #3: The Scientific Secret of Designing Follow-Up Sequences – Valued at $17

Bonus #4: (Video) How to Select An Affiliate Product That Sells! – Valued at $27

If you combine all the values of all the products and bonuses you’re getting today, it would be a whopping:

$162 Bucks For This Amazing Package

I could easily charge around $97, and it would be a fair price, considering that you would get 10x the investment back in a month.

And, even at that price people would buy it like crazy because you don’t need to make any additional investments on traffic, software’s, etc. to make all the money back.

But, for the next few days (only for this launch):

  • I’m not going to charge $97
  • I’m not even going to charge $47
  • I’m not even going to charge $20

Instead of charging a high price for this, I wanted to make this affordable for as many people as possible.

If you decide to invest right now…you wouldn’t be paying $97. In fact, you’ll be paying a tiny fraction of that cost…

You’ll be paying an embarrassingly low price of $1!

I’m not kidding. This is not a misprint. If you’re on this page right now, you can buy it at this dirt-cheap price. But, remember that this price is only going to be valid for a few days.

100% Risk-Free for 60 long days — Guaranteed!

Plus, you don’t have to take any risk from your side. Listen carefully, after reading this report, if you feel this report doesn’t makes you 10 times the price of this report, then you can send it back, and I will refund you 300% of your investment.

Yes, that’s correct. You get the…

No-Questions-Asked 300% Money Back Guarantee

Heck, if you don’t like the book for any reason what so ever, the color is too bright or the logo is not right, any other silly reason why you might not like it…you can send it back in the first 60 days, I will refund thrice your investment– no questions asked.

We can still be friends, no hard feelings.

Also, note that once this offer expires (or for any other reason), I’ll be switching off the $1 price tag. And, it will fall back to the original price of $97 dollars.

So, let me ask you:

Are you prepared to generate non-stop profits?

Don’t you hate having a 40 hrs/ week job?

Are you ready to give up nights of worry and experience total freedom?

Then, here is what you have to do to grab this report quickly:

  1. Click on the big Buy button below.
  2. It will lead you to warriorplus.com (your information is secure and protected)
  3. On that webpage, you have to fill in your details, and credit card information. You can also choose to pay with PayPal.
  4. Voila! That’s it. After you make the payment, you will be teleported to a webpage where you can download the report.

Easy, isn’t it?

Go get it now,

[GET] [Newbies Love This] Worlds Fastest Affiliate Commission Generating Formula?

Nishant Hinge

P.S. Don’t give up hope – it is still possible.

I know that the constant stress, unending worry come as an unintentional side effect of life as an internet marketer.

No one can understand this.

But, I do.

It’s because I’ve been through it. Before you reach your big success goal, Internet Marketing can get quite tough, and frustrating. That’s why, if you feel that things aren’t working as well as they should, I don’t think you should be alone with it.

That’s why I’m including my number here. Call me if you wish to speak to me: 310-252-2445

My Skype is: nextlevelcopy

I don’t want you to give up for any reason. Because, in the end, it’s all going to be worth it.

P.P.S – Every now and then, you hear in newspapers like the New York Times that 17 year olds are crossing millions of dollars. People older than 80 years are building funnels that are making $100,000 per month…even though they don’t know how to log in to social media accounts.

They aren’t better than you. You know the people that have made it. Not all of them deserve it.

Don’t you think that if they can make it – then you can too?

Some of them are not worth it, and they don’t deserve it. Yet they made it.

Have you wondered why they made it? What makes them so special?

It’s because they Reverse engineer what works.

That’s exactly what I’ve done in this book reverse engineered their hard work:

Grab it now. Don’t miss out on this one time opportunity.

It’s only for a dollar…

Click Here To Download 10 Minute Affiliate Commissions

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