[GET] How To Get Instant Offline Cash Creating Free Websites (Newbie Friendly)

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Dear Warrior,

Are you having problems coming up with quick cash solutions ?

Have your eyes glazed over from reading countless ways to making money with this internet thing ?

Or worse you, have you started on a great idea only to talk yourself out of following through with it ?

If so you are not alone

I have been there. Have the hard drive bulging with pdfs to prove it !

Still to this day have to resist the urge to stop midstream.

Here is one thing I know though.

You Know Enough To Be Effective

I knew that to be true when a friend of mine needed some help.
Her new business needed a website.
She did not know enough and was too time starved to make a website.
After rattling off some alternatives she looked at me with awe and puzzlement.

Your Common Knowledge Is Magic To Others

Once the smoke cleared I ended up creating a website for her as a favor.

It was quick and dirty, but effective for what she needed.

So effective she got leads from people looking for employment.

Needless to say she was excited. So excited she treated me to lunch !

But what she did next was even better. She showed off her website to her other business friends.

Time and technology starved business owners like herself.

Which resulted in warm referrals call to ME.

Not All Offline Customers Require Slick Custom Websites


How To Create Instant Offline Cash Making Free Websites

Yeah I know, sexy title !

But see I’m a meat and potatoes type of guy.

You’re going to be dealing with real live people who have a real life problem.

The knowledge you take for granted will be like a godsend to them.

Here is what you’re going to get.

  • Over the shoulder training watching the creation of a website using a free website creation platform. 35 minutes total.
  • Explanation on how and why to setup site in a certain configuration.
  • What elements to add that will make website social media friendly.
  • Checklist of what you need to have from clients to make their website a success. Skip this step and your efforts could stall.
  • Tip sheet on how to get business from your local market.

Over 45 minutes of total video time. 2 Pdf files.

Once you’re done with this training you will be able create solid one of kind websites for each of your clients.

After that possibly offer other online services.

And best of all receive cash for your efforts. Or do paypal if you prefer !

Here is what I want you to do.

Click the buy now button

Watch the videos.
Practice a few times.
Go out and make money.

Yes you do get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click Here To Download How to get instant offline cash creating free websites

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