[GET] Airbnb Replica Script

Airbnb Replica

Airbnb Replica is one of the best Replica script of airbnb, which has many notable features like responsive design, advanced room search, google map location panning, listing fees(you can set the listing fees if you want via admin panel) and 100% source code.

How does the Airbnb Replica work?

Airbnb Replica is an exclusive online rental booking spot where hosts who has space for rent meets the guests who are on the look out of a accommodation during vacation. The users who have space can list it in the site at a fixed rent for the travellers view.

The Birth of Airbnb Replica

Claydip's works on any innovative idea that has the potential to make technology take a big leap which in turn shall provide maximum value to all our clients. The idea to develop the Replica of airbnb was suggested by our valued clients and subsequently it got activated. After a lot of research, polling and discussions the concept of Rnrbnb was successfully test fired.

The success factor of Airbnb

Airbnb reported a phenomenal success showing huge potential in the online rental vacation rental booking industry. The use of the software has made revenues surge up and escalate to around $3, 00,000 million by the end of the year 2012 which is a commendable growth for budding enterprises. So it is good to start a Vacation rental business online.

Vacation rental Software- Your ultimate travel solution online

With more and more people getting bitten by the travel bug on one side and a whole bunch of people with surplus spaces that are willing to be let out getting ready the lodging becomes the need of the hour. Our vacation rental software is offered as a one stop solution to fill in the gap posed by such scenarios for both the opposite related communities.

How the Vacation rental business works

Once a traveler books a rental space, you get your commission amount. The fare is revealed in the admin panel and the commission change is however optional.


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