[GET] Zeno – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

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[GET] Zeno   Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme
Click Here To Download Zeno – Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

[GET] Pro Styler Theme

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[GET] Pro Styler Theme
Click Here To Download Pro Styler Theme

[GET] CPA Factory

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[GET] CPA Factory
Click Here To Download CPA Factory

[GET] ScriptDoll Software

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[GET] ScriptDoll Software
Click Here To Download ScriptDoll Software

[GET] Elf Links Version 4 – Incredible Way Affiliates Can Stop Being Nuked by Google

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"Thanks a lot Brian. The [new version] is working great.

Everything is up and running. I've already made $150 with new aff links in a week.

Before you shared elf with me, I was placing very few affiliate links on my site to protect rankings (I earn piles from display ads) – but now I'm creating affiliate product galleries and placing affiliate elf links everywhere. In fact I just hired a writer to create product galleries… something I was going to avoid because my site does well in the search engines.

One product review jumped 3 spots on page 1 of Google after inserting elf links… all I have to say is it's great and I like the added security v.3.0 offers. The open in a new window feature is really appreciated. I think my affiliate earnings can now surpass my substantial display ads earnings within 6 to 9 months, which is what I want because being dependent on display ads (esp. Adsense) isn't the best position to be in.

Thanks again,


[GET] Elf Links Version 4   Incredible Way Affiliates Can Stop Being Nuked by Google

New for 2015 – Version 4.0

Dear friend,

After 20 years online this year, millions in affiliate sales, and 4174 "thank yous" on the Warrior Forum, I am jumping up and down proud and excited to bring you Elf Links version 4.

If you haven't heard of Elf Links, this is the unique plugin that hides your affiliate links so Google can't nuke you just for being an affiliate. Did you know Google's website rating guidelines define an affiliate link as spam?

When I say "hide" I mean the most amazing thing … there is no link in your html. Googlebot visits and sees nothing. Someone can even look at the source code for your page and they will see … NO LINKS!

It's one of the most freakin' incredible things you'll ever see.

Five expert programmers have been involved in making this plugin after I was told it couldn't be done.

And it means big cash for you.

Imagine how good it feels to quickly rank high in Google with affiliate pages and make some quick bucks.

Just ask Jon who sent me the unsolicited thank you I pasted to the top of this letter.

If this is of interest to you (and who wouldn't be!) please take a minute to read the rest of this page ….


A Familiar Story: From $25,000 Per Month to … Zero

This is a true story. It's not unlike a thousand others. Maybe something like yours.

There was an Internet marketer. I'll call him Mike to protect his privacy. Mike started affiliate marketing in 2008.

He built his business up with hundreds of domains and even had a dedicated server to handle all the free traffic.

In December 2009 he made over $25,000!

Then the ban hammers started falling.

Google banned him from AdSense because his affiliate sites did not provide enough "significant value."

He created an AdWords account and started sending PPC traffic to his affiliate sites. Google banned him for that too.

He made the mistake of putting Google Analytics on a slew of affiliate sites. They were all promptly torched. His other affiliate sites were untouched.

By 2012 he was posting about Google being hell bent on killing off affiliates.

Mike said when it comes to Google you can never be too paranoid. Google is the new evil empire.

By the end of the year his $25,000 per month was down to less than $1000.

In 2013 Mike repeatedly posted that Google didn't seem to care how awesome an affiliate site is, Google was out to destroy every affiliate site it could find.

By early 2014 he was gone. Mike shut down his hosting account, set his domains to expire at the next registration date, and took a job at a tech company.

He now says he misses the free time and being able to do anything he wants whenever he wants. All thanks to Google's anti-affiliate quest.

Hey, there are other solutions for thin and duplicate content or bad backlinks.

But your content is useless if Google sniffs out you are an affiliate.

Check out an alternative story …


From Zero to $9440.49 in Affiliate Commissions

Elf Links work right now!

Check out these affiliate commissions I've recently earned from just one merchant:

[GET] Elf Links Version 4   Incredible Way Affiliates Can Stop Being Nuked by Google

This is all from pure SEO.

That is what the amazing Elf Links plugin does.

It hides any link you want from your website, from Google, and from snoops.

This is NOT some redirect or "pretty" link – which are pretty worthless.

We're talking a professional, custom script making use of cutting-edge technology.

Seriously, how much would keeping Google from indexing affiliate links be worth to you?

It may not be $25,000 per month or $300,000 per year, but its a boatload of money to be sure!

I've tested websites and seen them go from the first page of Google, to zero traffic, back to the first page, and the ONLY thing being changed was hiding the affiliate links or not.

If Mike had done just three things: had unique and valuable content on his sites, cleaned up his backlinks, and used Elf Links, he could have been a millionaire after a few years. Instead, he went to zero and a day job.

Don't be like Mike!

Be like me, Jon, and the other winners using Elf Links.

Bought this and set it up within 10 minutes. Truly amazing plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin! I put 3 affiliate links in a post and checked the page source and none of them show up as links. Fantastic stuff – Stesnees
Gads – just what I have been looking for! I am in. – Melody
I think [what] you are doing is an excellent idea. – Chris Baxter
Looks Great! – J.R. Hendrix
Your support is top-notch. – Adoniz
It is brilliant. – TDoger

Here is a sampling of some of the niches where I have made affiliate commissions in the last 30 days from affiliate websites and SEO traffic from Google by using Elf Links technology:

* Legal

* Summer wear

* Auto accessories

* Adult (not porn)

* Art

* Collectibles

* Toiletries

* Watches

* Cosmetics

* Equestrian

* Coins

* Star Wars

* Kitchen Supplies

* Movie heroes

* Sleep wear

To win like this there is something you need to know …


Google Hates Affiliates

I think this is something about all affiliate marketers agree on by now: Google hates affiliates.

But just to be crystal clear about this:


"Google hate[s] affiliates in their ecosystem" and has shown a "consistent disdain toward affiliate sites." "Affiliates are getting torched for not being a 'real' merchant."

Aaron Wall at SeoBook.

Quality Content Isn't Worth Spit If You're an Affiliate

Google could care less how good your website is, how much you've slaved to create unique and valuable content – if you are an affiliate.

One Google manager said affiliates are "just an unnecessary step in the sales funnel."

If you don't already know, Google has confidential website reviewer guidelines. Google hires people whose job it is to rate websites so Google can have input about the quality of its search results.

Google tells the raters what is good content and what is bad content, the raters look at websites, and then tell Google if they are good or bad.

What you about to read is a real kick in the gut …

Google first says:

"A thin affiliate is a website that earns money from affiliate commissions.
It exists only to make money."

Some people try to spin this and say Google only hates "thin" affiliate sites. The problem is Google says a "thin" site is one that has affiliate links.

"Thin Affiliates: Spammers make money when a transaction is completed after the user has clicked through to the merchant's site from their webpages."

Now get this … Google says even websites that have the best most vital content are to be nuked as spam if they have affiliate links.

Google says:

It is also possible for a page to receive a Vital rating, and also be assigned a Spam flag. For example, if there is a sneaky redirect and the landing page is the target of the query, the page will get a Vital rating and a Spam flag."

Google defines a "sneaky redirect" as an affiliate link because the product purchase is made on a different website. The example used by Google is a basic Commission Junction affiliate link. Google also says Amazon and eBay affiliate links are spam.

Your Problem May Not Be Content or Backlinks. It May Be Having Affiliate Links

So how are you supposed to make affiliate money if you cannot use affiliate links?

That is where Elf Links is vital …

You can have affiliate links and make money. But since Google does not know they exist there is no penalty.

Watch this short video I created the first version showing Elf Links in action …

F___ Yeah!!

If you've been frustrated trying to make money with this program or that program, and can never get your fair share of free SEO traffic, it may not be you or the program. It may be your links.


Why Redirects and Cloaking Links are Useless

Cloaking your affiliate links so someone cannot see your affiliate code is useless.

Here is a ClickBank example:

Regular link:


Cloaked link:


Ummm, yeah. That really fools someone.

Redirects or "pretty links" are also obviously useless when it comes to Google.

Shown link:




The problem is to get credit for an affiliate commission your link must redirect through your affiliate url at which time Google tags you as an affiliate..

This may be why you keep flailing and being penalized You're not fooling Google (or anyone else) and are easy ban material.

The only solution is for Google to not know there is any link at all:

Elf Link:


Think of an Elven cloak of invisibility being used on your links. As far as Google is concerned there is nothing there – and there isn't!

Get this …

Someone can look at the source code of your web page and they will find no links!

Here is a Demo.

Did you find the link in the source code yet?


New Google Blocking for Additional Protection

Starting with version 4 the plugin automatically comes with a cool "blocking" feature built in.

What happens is if Google, another bot, or anyone you want is detected visiting your site the plugin automatically shuts down.

This means the software doesn't even create an Elf Link.

Google or whoever still visits your site and accesses all of your content as before. But no Elf Link is created.

It is a double-whammy of protection.

If Google is detected no Elf Link is created.

If Google somehow evades detection it still has to surmount the task of no links being in your source code.

Hey, I make a lot of money from affiliate links so I'm paranoid about protecting my money sites.

Some, like this next guy, are even more paranoid:


New Anonymous Plugin Protection

A member once asked me what happens if Google starts scanning WordPress sites to see if the plugin exists.

He was more paranoid than I am about Google and protecting his cash flow.

Just because the plugin exists doesn't mean Google has any idea what links, if any, are being protected. So I'm not worried about this.

But … versions 3 and later has a unique capability for advanced users where you can anonymize the plugin directory.

Literally, you can install the Elf Links plugin and refer to it as Bob, Fred, Visa, Monkey, etc.

Amazing. Anonymous plugin protection if you are really that paranoid.


Bonus Benefit – PageRank Sculpting

Now you can manipulate PageRank to get higher SEO rankings.

You probably know originally the "nofollow" tag for links told Google RageRank was not supposed to be passed to the linked page.

But after Google saw how webmasters were abusing this to make certain web pages rank higher, Google said "nofollow" also means PageRank is still subtracted with the link.

What does this mean?

If your web page has "20 points" of PageRank and you have 5 links on the page, each link sends "4 points" of PageRank juice to the page being linked to. If one link is to your privacy policy and has a "nofollow" tag no PageRank goes to your privacy policy page so it won't rank. But you still just lost 4 points.

With Elf Links you do not lose any PR juice and send "5 points" of PageRank with your other 4 links. More PageRank means higher rankings.


Super Easy:
Less Than 5 Minutes From Now
You'll Have Your First Elf Link

If you watched the video you saw Elf Links are incredible easy to create.

Anyone can do this.

Step 1: Install the Elf Links plugin.

Step 2: Install a second, free plugin that will automatically put the Elf Links code on every post and page.

Step 3: Create your "links" within WordPress.

Step 4: Use a special code on posts and pages where you want links to appear.

That's it.

Easy. Fast. Simple.

If you can do those 4 steps this plugin is for you.


[GET] Elf Links Version 4   Incredible Way Affiliates Can Stop Being Nuked by Google

How Much is Google Freedom Worth to You?

You probably want to know what your investment will be.

I can't promise you the $25,000 per month, $300,000 per year, the $9440.49, or any specific amount.

But you're not online to make peanuts. There's a ton of money to be made from higher search rankings.

Only $67.

Here's the deal …

This is for unlimited websites!. You've probably seen other WordPress software go for $67 but only for one website, with $197 for unlimited sites.

With Elf Links you get unlimited installs on unlimited domains.

This is for forever upgrades. This is now version 4. Those who got in on version 1 are paying nothing for this.

I'm not some fly by night marketer and this isn't some "launch" that closes in a week and there is no support, the site shuts down, and the seller is in hiding until his next "launch".

My AOL account dates back to 1994. I've been a Warrior for a decade with thousands of posts. I've released dozens of products.

This is for free support. There are no hidden charges, one-time offers, secret upgrades, charges for support, or anything like that. It's a great deal!

On the Elf Links website the plugin software sells to the general public for $97. You're getting a great discount by being here.



Elf Links is my trademark and the software is copyrighted.

There is no OTO, upsell or downsell.

The version 4.0 of the software is currently only issued as a WordPress plugin. The software installs on your WordPress website or blog and not on your computer.

The plugin has been tested with WordPress 4.1.1 and you should always be using the most current WordPress release for security reasons.

Known conflicts: Elf Links does not work with the P1 Video Magnet Theme

Hiding my affiliate links from Google has made me a boatload of money. For obvious reasons you are not being promised any specific results or profits. There may be other reasons why your websites do not rank as high as you want.



Click Here To Download Elf Links Version 4

[GET] Social Mobi Videos

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[GET] Social Mobi Videos
Click Here To Download Social Mobi Videos

[GET] FREE WSO: After Picking Out A Profitable Niche Market What’s Next?

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FREE WSO: Now That I've Picked Out A
Profitable Niche Market What's Next?


Click Here To Download FREE WSO: After Picking Out A Profitable Niche Market What’s Next?

[GET] FREE WSO: Twitter Treasure Trove – X Marks the Spot

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Let’s cut right to the chase…

"FREE WSO: X Marks the spot to TWITTER with this Twitter Treasure Trove…"

Click Here To Download FREE WSO: Twitter Treasure Trove

[GET] Build Your 6-Figure GURU Level Business With WSOs!

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Are You Ready To Build YOUR GURU Level Business?

I am going to keep my part of this message short and sweet… this will change your life. As Sean Mize no longer sells this I had to make sure that I brought the rights so that I could give you the chance to learn these secrets too.

If you want to read the original sales letter then check it out below, but remember this was originally sold between $397 and $997 and I am putting it on a rediculously low priced dimesale.

The price is going up with every sale… I can't guarentee that the price will be the same when you click the link… and I certainly don't expect it to be this price when you return to the page!! So click the link and start building your GURU level business today!


"Discover the Secret to Building a Guru-Level Business as a WSO Expert Consultant- 100% Guaranteed"  [GET] Build Your 6 Figure GURU Level Business With WSOs!

You – yes, YOU – can Become a Warrior Consultant Fast Using My Tried-and-True Ideas, Secrets, and Insider Tactics:

From the Desk of Sean Mize, Author of Anyone Can Coach


From: Sean Mize

Are you frustrated because you have been trying to build an internet- marketing niche business, but you can't seem to find your "niche"?

Have you tried to build a list, create products, and write emails – but you just can't seem to gain any traction?

Or maybe you just know there's a 'better way' but you can't figure it out?

I'l cut right to the chase here:

For the last year or so, I have been testing the Warrior Forum for robustness, for the ability to drive traffic and leads aggressively.

And I've done my share of sales – over 3,656 sales on the Warrior Forum since I started. And that's not counting lead generation – I can't count it, but maybe another 1000- 1500 subscribers.

Now, I average about $30 per subscriber who comes onto my list. And a little more for low-ticket WSO buyers.

You can do the math on my income this year from the Warrior Forum.

But that's not what this letter is about.

You see, just selling WSOs and building a list is a great business model.

But if it's okay with you, I'd like to share with you an even bigger business model – one that I think has great potential right now.


You see, there is a very unique opportunity right in the Warrior WSO forum to make, what I believe, is going to be some huge revenue in the coming months, and cement yourself as an expert for years to come.

Here's the thing:

We all probably look at the Warrior Forum as a place where newbies and beginners hang out, get fleeced by buying $10 product after $10 product again and again, and never get any results because they are just sitting on the Warrior Forum buying stuff but never taking real action.

So unless you want to create $10 products, try to sell as many as possible, and hope you can get into the top 1% where people are really making money on the Warrior Forum, then you probably have just looked the other way.

I did for a long time – years, in fact.

Like I said, about a year ago, I decided to try my hand at the above strategy. I took some of my already – created trainings and recordings, put them on the Warrior Forum for about $7 and sold about 1,500 units over the last year there. Then I began creating training teaching folks how to create WSOs and sell them on the forum and now I'm up to 3,656 sales there.

(By the way, if you want to see the sales, you can do that here:


And I didn’t really make much on the front end, as you can see.

But what I did was I plugged each buyer into my normal 21 day and continuing email campaign and averaged about $30 per buyer in backend sales.

Not too bad, not great.

I did some research on who on the Warrior Forum is making real money, you know $100k – $1 million.

And I think there are a few.

But they don’t talk about it.

Because they don’t want everyone doing it.

Now, there are 2 primary ways they are doing it:

They create a decent WSO and get about a 10% conversion on about a $10 product, and give affiliates 100% commission. Affiliates promote to their lists.

Then there is a backend upsell, usually about $37 and it usually converts at about 30%, and they pay the affiliates 50% on that.

So for each 100 sales the affiliates make, there are about 30 sales at $37 == about $1000, at 50% to the affiliates, there is $500 in profit for sales the WSO creator didn’t have to drum up. And the top Warriors make 1,000 – 20,000 sales PER WSO (and many have multiple WSOs)

And of course, the very most savvy WSO runners have multiple backend products like I do, so they are likely making another $20 – $100 PER $10 WSO BUYER on the backend.

Ok, so let me ask you a crazy question?

If a bunch of people are doing what I just described above, maybe 100 people, why are 99% of the people running WSOs NOT MAKING MONEY?

Well, because they aren’t doing what I described above.

Now, it might be because they don’t know about it.

Or maybe it is because when you read through what I just described, it sounds like A LOT of work, doesn’t it?

It is!

And of course, it is the same on the Warrior Forum as it is everywhere else online and offline – 99% of the people get average results, but 1% do something different and get above – average results.


Now, at this point, you are maybe thinking, “Ok, Sean is getting ready to tell me how he can make it really easy for me to become a WSO superseller and become like the 1%”

Because that is the natural line of reasoning here, right?

Look at what is working, figure it out, then do it yourself.

And if you don’t know how to do it, hire someone to teach you how to do it.

But that’s NOT what I want to do.

I DON’T want you to get into the “WSO business” Let’s face it, 99% of everyone in that business fails!



Instead, I want to take you down a different path.

A total reframe.

You see, that is the hard way. Selling $10 products on the Warrior Forum as your business model is the hard way, only 1% or so make it.

What if there were an easy way to master the Warrior Forum and make real money there?

There is.

It will require a total reframe.

It will totally turn things upside down, and for about 20-30 people who take massive action, jump on board what I see as a particularly incredible opportunity right now, ripe for the taking, it will completely change lives.

Ok, are you ready for me to share it with you?

Now, the one thing I ask is that you will suspend your judgement for a few minutes.

Don’t worry about what you DON’T know how to do.

Don’t worry that you aren’t a WSO – launching master.

Don’t worry that you have never launched a WSO

None of that is necessary.


Ok, one more thing:

It will require massive action and massive belief on your part right up front.

You are going to be doing something called positioning.

Not selling.


Selling is where you make a list of the reasons someone should buy from you and then maybe they buy.

Positioning is where you show that you are the ideal person to buy from, then they come to you and ask to buy.

But in order to position, you have to project belief.

You have to be able to utter the words “I can help you” with confidence.

And you have to be willing to do some very specific steps which I will reveal later.


Ok, let’s dig into the guts of this:


Here’s the problem: There are thousands of people who are running WSOs day in and day out. Most people, based on my experience, run it one time, and don’t run it again.

That tells us 2 things:

That they weren’t satisfied with the results so they didn’t repeat.

But 1) is more important: they have proven that they are willing to invest in themselves (even if they do give up very quickly when something doesn’t work)

Now this is a very important distinction.

Now, remember when I told you you weren’t going to be creating WSOs to sell end-user $10 products to the end-users like almost everyone else is doing on the Warrior Forum (even the folks who are selling $100k a month or whatever)?

We are now talking about the SELLERS OF WSOS themselves as being the market.

You see, what is the biggest problem in your marketing?

You go out, get a bunch of subscribers, and what do most of them tell you, “ I don’t have any money, I’m afraid to invest with you cause I might lose my money, blah, blah, blah’” right?

The problem is that your list, most marketers’ lists, are full of people who are not naturally inclined to invest.

Now I know, there is some training out there (hey, I think there is a WSO for this!) that teaches you how to build a buyers’ list.

How do you do that?

By selling something to buyers! They talk about getting affiliates, creating WSOs, etc. But you get a big list of . . . $10 buyers!

Do you really want a big list of $10 buyers?

$10 buyers are the lowest quality buyers of all.

What if instead you were to build a smaller list if WSO SELLERS who had at minimum, invested $60 (the bump + WSO PRO) to get started?

They didn’t buy some 10 video product they never watched, they INVESTED!

The invested $60 and you know it!


There is a HUGE market of WSO SELLERS WHO ARE PROVEN BUYERS out there – and about 50 NEW PEOPLE EVERYDAY that launch a new WSO and never do it again!

This market is ripe for the taking.


You see, if you take the bull by the horns and solidify yourself as a bona-fide expert at helping newbie WSO sellers to become profitable – you can create an entire business just helping people who are running WSOs to become profitable themselves.

You can become a bona-fide Warrior Forum Expert Consultant.

That's right – in the next 30 days, you can become a bona-fide Warrior Forum Expert Consulting – and charge good money for helping folks create and sell better WSO offers.


There is practically no one doing this today.

I am the closest one to that, and I've made about 700 sales in the last few weeks to people wanting to learn how to do WSOs and do them better!

But frankly, that's not my niche. I don't really want to do that.

I've simply proven that the market is there – and the opportunity is there for you, if you want it.

Are you getting excited now?

Are you seeing how big this can become?

Now, here’s the thing – you might be thinking, well, why doesn’t Sean just do it himself?

And here’s why: these people need personal help.

I don’t have time to help 50 new people a day – 1500 new WSO sellers each month – personally.

YOU don’t have time to help all of them.

But I can teach YOU how to do it – then YOU can help 50-100 people to master the forum – and make good money doing it.

And I’d far rather work with 20 people and teach them how to help 50 – 100 people each, and teach them to make a full time income doing it.

And you’d probably rather I taught YOU than trying to keep the whole market to myself, right????



Ok, so maybe you are asking, ok, what’s involved?

The first thing that is involved is creating your presence on the WSO forum.

There is a very specific formula for doing it, if you do it wrong, it will blow up in your face (sorry to be so blunt, but it is the truth – if you do it wrong, people will see right through you – sniff you right out – and you will never be seen as an expert there), and if you decide you want to be one of the 20 I personally coach in the next 2 weeks to doing this, I’ll show you every step and how to do it.

The second thing is that I will show you how to show these beginner – newbie WSO sellers that they can indeed be successful on the Warrior Forum and that there is a specific formula for doing it, and that you can teach them that formula.


The third thing is that you will teach them the formula for success on the Forum. Here it is:

The formula for a successful WSO is that each person that buys the WSO gets offered an upsell. And they are placed on a list. And that list has 3 products in it: 1) a higher ticket, but entry level product (like a $37 product), a higher ticket product (like $400 or $1000), and a coaching program.

Now, YOU KNOW HOW TO CREATE all of those. And if you know how, you can teach others. But even if you don’t know how, if I gave you my own instructions for creating those and you could just pass it on, then you could let MY TEACHING teach your clients until you got to the point where you have the confidence to teach them yourself, right?


So now maybe you are thinking, but how can I teach someone how to do something I’ve never done before?

Ok, let me ask you this, if your wife comes to you and says, hey, honey, how do you fix this lightbulb? and you don’t know how to do it, but you go on the internet and the internet tells you how to do it, and you holler out to your wife how to do it, did you not just teach her how to do something you have never done before?

Do you know how to write an outline for a product? No, ok, I can teach you. If I teach you (it’s real easy, and I even have a 2 page pdf with directions that you can just GIVE to your clients), then you can teach your new clients even if you never do it yourself, right?

You see, this is the secret to being a consultant.

You don’t have to have done it before, you just have to know where to go to get the directions for doing it, and pass those directions on.

And if you choose to do this with me, then I will give you all the directions.


So you don’t have to figure anything out.

So let’s summarize.

Your target market is going to be the people who are unsuccessfully running WSOs.

You are going to target them, and consult them on building out a profitable backend so that they can run their WSO again and again and again because it is profitable not unprofitable.


So the question is this:

Do you like this model?

If not, no worries. This is NOT going to be for everyone. 


So at this point, maybe you are thinking, this sounds really exciting, I want to get started right away.

I don’t want to wait until next week and realistically it will be the following week before I can do anything.

Instead, I want to get started immediately, show me what to do this week to start getting things in place, so that next week I can make my first sale, get my first client.

If that’s what you are looking for, you'll love what I have created:


The World's First and Only WSO Expert Consultant's Training Program

This is a 13 – mp3 brand new training program I have just recorded in the last 45 days, where I teach how step by step:

–> How to determine EXACTLY what WSO sellers need and will pay for

–> How to understand the WSO market so that you can dominate it

–> Step by step how to dig into the niches that are hot on the Warrior Forum

–> How to determine EXACTLY which WSO sellers WANT and NEED your help


–> How to get started in the Warrior Forum as a Consultant

–> How to Find Clients on the Warrior Forum

–> How to Approach Warriors and Get Their Business

–> Step by Step How to Sell Them Your Consulting



–> How to Create initial credibility on the Warrior Forum

–> How to Get Started From Scratch on the Warrior Forum

–> How to position yourself as an expert FAST

–> Exactly how to determine what to sell and start selling it FAST

What's the price, Sean?

Dirst off, I don’t know what it is worth it to you to become positioned as a bona-fide expert in the Warrior Forum and get coaching clients.

Some people might say it’s worth $2,000.

Some people might say it’s worth $5,000.

Or whatever.

The bottom line is this: if you take this training and turn it into a real business, this can be the beginning of a life of internet freedom.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who doesn't take action when you learn something . . . well, you probably won't make a penny with this.

I don’t know what it’s worth to you, but I’m planning to price the class at between $397 and $997 when I put it in in my normal line up in my email campaign.



But because you are on my private clients' list, I am going to make a limited number of spots available at a special charter price of

not $997

not $397

not $300

But just $77 if you take action today:

Here is a quick review of everything you will be learning in this instant-download of 14 mp3s:


The World's First and Only WSO Expert Consultant's Training Program

This is a 13- mp3 brand new training program I have recorded in the last 45 days, where I teach how step by step:

–> How to determine EXACTLY what WSO sellers need and will pay for

–> How to understand the WSO market so that you can dominate it

–> Step by step how to dig into the niches that are hot on the Warrior Forum

–> How to determine EXACTLY which WSO sellers WANT and NEED your help


–> How to get started in the Warrior Forum as a Consultant

–> How to Find Clients on the Warrior Forum

–> How to Approach Warriors and Get Their Business

–> Step by Step How to Sell Them Your Consulting



–> How to Create initial credibility on the Warrior Forum

–> How to Get Started From Scratch on the Warrior Forum

–> How to position yourself as an expert FAST

–> Exactly how to determine what to sell and start selling it FAST


And it's all instantly downloadable – you can start listening to the training TODAY and begin building your WSO Consultant's Business tomorrow!


To get started now for the special charter price of just $77:

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[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training

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[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training

Dear Struggling Seo Marketer:
Bad SEO advice is everywhere.

And it can take you from ranking hero to ranking zero – overnight.

Really, getting front-page rankings isn’t the tough part.
It’s keeping Them . .
Over the long haul.

[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training

that’s all you’ll get from temporary SEO ranking tricks pushed by people who should know better.

[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training
You can only run into so many walls before you get so frustrated, the only option left seems like quitting. But it’s not really your fault .You see, there’s a lot of SEO information out there that’s nothing but untested theory. It’s “one-trick pony” stuff that will rank a site fast—but it doesn’t keep it ranked for long. And I’m not even gonna go there with how dangerous this kind of SEO can be … it’s the kind of stuff sites just won’t recover from. I had the same frustrations you’re experiencing now. Until I found proven Cutting Edge SEO Strategies.

With These Cutting Edge Seo Strategies
I’m not one to brag, But:
I’ve never had a PBN site de-indexed in 5 years


[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training
Who Are These Cutting Edge SEO Methods For ?
No matter what your business model is, these videos will be there to help you get the coveted search engine traffic. These methods work great for:

Ecommerce websites selling physical products.
Affiliate Review sites.
Kindle book authors.
Information marketers selling digital info products.
Local business owners trying to capture local customers.
Offline marketing consultants helping their clients gain more website visitors
Affiliate marketers
News websites
Plus much more.
It is safe to say these methods will work for just about any website regardless of niche market.

What You Find Inside The Cutting Edge SEO Training Course?

Inside this video course you will get in depth training on all of the powerful ways to get traffic and long lasting page one ranking from SEO in 2015 and beyond. Here is a taste of what you will find in each video:

Module 1: Overview of SEO + Brief History

The first part of succeeding with SEO is understanding the basics of SEO and also understanding the brief history of the search engine optimization industry. This way you can see what changed, so you can make SEO beneficial and profitable again for you.

Module 2: What Works Now

Discover what SEO strategies are the most effective today, and what strategies to avoid!

Module 3: Importance of Mobile Optimization + Understanding Search Results

Discover how to optimize your site for mobile search, and explode your SEO traffic! Also gain an in depth understanding of each search result so you can maximize your effectiveness.

Module 4: Effective Keyword Research

Learn how to target the perfect keywords so you can maximize your SEO traffic.

Module5: On Page & Internal Ranking Factors

Gain an understanding of on page or internal ranking factors so you can effectively optimize any site you touch like a seasoned SEO expert!

Module6: Understanding Search Engine Updates & PageRank

Get the low down on the latest search engine updates, and learn how to protect yourself from future updates. Also discover the ins and outs of PageRank, and how it influences your rankings.

Module7: Link Building & Off Page SEO Factors

Link building is a vital part of any good SEO strategy, but if you do it wrong it can have long lasting and detrimental impact on your rankings.

Module8: Negative Ranking Factors

Learn what negative ranking factors are, and how to avoid them.

Module9: Social Media For Effective SEO

This Module will focus on how certain social media strategies will lead to an effective SEO strategy.

Module10: Local SEO Methods

Learn how to draw in local customers for your business or for your clients. Use these methods to effectively compete locally.

PLus Exclusive unannounced bonuses!

[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training
No complicated and technical tools to use, no complex backlink strategy.

Just create Your Site,
and you’ll be dominating the search engine rankings.
Finally getting traffic and sales in a matter of days.

You’ll have to see The Cutting Edge Seo Training to believe it….

Warning! This is a Dimesale!

Cutting Edge Seo Training Start At $97 and WILL increase! I promise you that.
But Special Offer Mean Special Price So Only For Limited Time I Am Giving My Extreme Cutting Edge Seo Training Only For 17$
The price you see will not stay forever and will
increase at anytime

[GET] Cutting Edge SEO Training
MY WSO guides has already helped many warriors achieve their
first ever sales online and I want to make sure this WSO does the
same for you. That’s why I’m offering everyone my
60 days 100% money back guarantee.

Try my WSO, if you don’t find it helpful in any way,
I’ll give you 100% of your money back.
No Hassles, no questions asked.

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