[GET] Sneak in under the Radar With This Secret Traffic Source and Bank Huge With CPA

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Are You Ready to See How I Create The Perfect Storm Of
Traffic and Cash ?

EXPLOSIVE New Combo TURNS Twitter And CPA Into Your Personal Cash Machine…Sending You Traffic And Stuffing Your PayPal Account ALL Day Long!�

Dear Warriors,

I have a question for you, ready?

What�s the BIGGEST Niche online?

�That�s easy!� You all say � Health and wellness!� �Finance!� �MMO!�………

NO NO NO, one niche is much bigger than all the rest.

One that pretty much everyone falls into at one point, and many stay in FOREVER

It�s the NMMO niche my friends, the NOT-MAKING MONEY ONLINE niche (hahaha, nice one Luke, very funny!)�..

But So many of you are STUCK in that niche that it ain�t funny�..

And it sucks don�t it?

It�s pure f*****g purgatory.

We�re talking Alcatraz here, 50 ft high walls, and hours chained to your laptop trying �the next best thing�.

Unable to get anything to work for you.

Worst of all, you can get a glimpse through to the outside and see all those free people living it up outside.

They�re doing exactly the same things as you (it seems) but killing it (why is that???!!).

You seem doomed to rot away in this NMMO prison�.


My name is Luke Blower and think of this product as your GREAT ESCAPE.

I have smuggled in for you�..


Here�s what�s included��…

==> How to Choose Absolute Killer CPA Products Which People can�t but action

==>How to create your own 100% Super Quick, Super Easy but Irresistible Sales and Squeeze Pages

==>How to Steal Your Competitors Best Ideas (in a legit way!:-))

==>How to Get Inside Your Prospects Head So You�ll Know Where they are and Know EXACTLY What They�re Gonna Do Next!

AND I also teach you:

==>How to make your whole system work on auto pilot.

==>How to set everything up so it looks super sexy – a real prospect magnet

==>How to Leverage the Notoriously Marketer Unfriendly Gold Mine that is Twitter with free and paid methods

==>How to Make Twitter Really Pay- without getting you shut down every other day.

Yes, it�s just this easy.


I can help you get off of that NMMO Death Row.

But There are a helluva Lot of Re-offenders out there.

You see, making real money online is SCARY for a lot of PEOPLE.

Because it changes your life, and for A LOT of people change is scary.

They are HOT-WIRED to not make money

Are you one of those people?

So before you hit me with the age old questions�.

�Is there an OTO?�

�How Much Is the Start Up Cost?�

�Will This Really Work?�

�Can I Get A Refund?�


Ask yourself these questions��..

Are YOU Ready To Step UP?

Are YOU Ready To Make this WORK??

Can You Follow Simple Instructions?


Ok, Click on that Buy Button Now, right now�.

Not convinced? Alright I�ll answer some of those questions�..


Yes, it costs more than the frontend, and adds to the stuff in the FE (but ain�t essential for this to work).

Start Up Cost?

You need a domain with a website and an autoresponder

And there�s paid advertising in there, as well as free methods

(if you�re going to knit pick about this, then �ON YOUR BIKE� as my gran would say)

Does this system work?

Well it does for some (really well)…. For you? If you follow what I say, yes.

So, while this system, that can power cash into your paypal like never before, is available at this ridiculously low price, BUY IT!!

PS This is NOT another lesson in theory, these methods WORK

PPS Stacked With Bonuses

PPPS This really is NEWBIE friendly

Click Here To Download CPA Cashflow

[GET] [WordPress Plugin with 300k users] Reviving Older Blog Post Was Never So Damn Easy!

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Revive Old Post Pro is definitely one of the best WordPress plugin I have ever used in the past few years of my WordPress career. This highly recommended plugin works in the auto mode which had really made my social posting tasks automatic and hassle free.

Click Here To Download Revive Old Post Pro

[GET] AppsNetwork – AppsBoost

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AppsNetwork - AppsBoost
Click Here To Download AppsNetwork – AppsBoost

[GET] This Web Copywriting Course Will Make Your Next Sales letter Convert in The Double Digits!

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"I Made Over $200,000 from My Sales letters With These Time Tested Proven Magic Formulas- Now Here’s Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity to Profit Off Them…!"

Get Everything For A One-time Low Price – No OTOS, Upsells, Or Downsells With This Offer Guarantee!

Dear webmaster struggling with web copy writing,

Compiling unforgettable sales copy that makes money on autopilot is not that straightforward. Like anything else in life becoming a master in ANY subject typically requires years of practice and discipline.

Becoming an out-of-this world copywriter typically requires that you…

  • Complete dozens of boring copywriting projects for other webmasters in different niche markets
  • Spend hundreds or hours rigorously studying top converting sales letters
  • Spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to test how your copy performs
  • Requires you to read dozens of boring books about web copywriting and sales
  • Demands that you read and research dozens of studies about copywriting
"However, I Can Show You How to 'Cheat Your Way' to Becoming a World Class Copywriter Virtually Overnight…!"

I developed the perfect cheat sheet for any webmaster, online entrepreneur, or marketer that wants to generate Godzilla like sales for their online business in the fastest time possible. How it works is quite simple. Every million dollar sales page will ALWAYS follow a certain template. They'll contain 6 common characteristics which are:

  • Headlines
  • Specific effect words
  • Openers
  • Transitions
  • Guarantees
  • Closings

To make your job 10X easier I simply created templates for ALL these sections. This means that you can plug n chug these predone templates, make small simple edits to customize it to your niche, and BAM you have instant high converting sales letters!

Here's A Sample of All the Ways These Templates Are Helpful to YOU:

  • Use this to get jobs as a web copywriter – both on the web and offline
  • Easily become a pro copywriter with these templates
  • Great for writing great advertising copy
  • Great for writing pay per click ads
  • Great for email marketing – Dramatically boost your open rates
  • More practical substitute for web copywriting courses
  • Maximize your web conversions
  • Increase your online sales
  • Makes writing top converting sales letters super FAST and EASY

"Here's Exactly What You’ll Get in the 6 High-Octane Modules of Overnight Web Copy Today"
Module I: Headlines

Headlines are the most important aspect of an advertisement. If an online user doesn’t read your headline then the likelihood that they will read the proceeding information is nil. Simply copy, paste, and fill in templates to instantly create award winning web copy. Here's an example of one of the headline templates you'll get when you download Overnight Web Copy:

You can fill in the blank to make it:

· 7 Crazy Ways to lose weight

· 7 Crazy Ways to make tons of cash

· 7 Crazy Ways to improve your golf stroke

Module II: Special Effect Keywords

What would a high-octane action movie be without its special effects? This section contains thunderbolt lightning words that can be used to supplement words in the body of a sales letter, autoresponder series, or even headlines.

They are named special effect because like in movies, they help create mind blowing excitement and make copy soar above others.

There are over 100 top secret up-to date and highly converting keywords that have been carefully selected and analyzed to build around the foundation of your copy.

Here are 3 samples of special effect words you'll get when you download overnight web copy today:

· Supersonic

· Hurricane

· Next generation

Module III: Openers

Openers are referred to sentences that start the paragraph in the body section of sales letters. Having an engaging opener is critical so readers will gladly continue reading your sales letter while staying on the edge of their seats. Here’s an example of an opener that you’ll get when you download Overnight Web Copy today:

You can simply enter fill in the blank with your product name. For example,

The Advantage of Overnight Web Copy is a no-brainer!

Module IV: Transitions

Whatever medley of content you are creating needs to have a logical flow. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online article, an essay for college, or a fiction book about UFOs attacking planet earth in the year 2020 (hey that’s not that far!). Everything needs to flow so that the reader can understand the message the writer is trying to convey. Below is an example of transitions that you’ll get when you purchase Overnight Web Copy today:

You can simply fill in the blank with your product name to produce a transition like the one below:

People love Overnight Web Copy and so will you!

Module V: Guarantees

With two things being equal an offer with stronger guarantees will ALWAYS win. For example, would you rather purchase a 2000 Toyota Camry with 185,000 miles from a used car dealership that offers a 6 moth warranty, or would you rather purchase the same vehicle from a dealership that doesn't offer a guarantee? This is a rhetorical question that shows light to what many web consumers are thinking about when they are about to invest in a product.

Here’s an example of a guarantee template you’ll get in Overnight Web Copy:

Here is the updated transition:

"Become a Web Copywriting Pro in Just 60 Days or Your Money Back"

Module VI: Closings

Human beings are beings that are accustomed to closings. When there is no concise conclusion then discomfort is created. A story will have a beginning middle and end. An essay needs a conclusion. A speech by a politician will need a powerful closing. Even the cycles of a day had a beginning, middle, and end. Your salesletter should have a powerful closing that leaves your visitor with a call to action or trigger for them to make payment, opt in to your newsletter, or complete some other form of measurable action on your site.

Here’s an example of a closing template you'll get today:

Here's the updated closing template:

A One Off Payment of $17 is the only things standing in the way of Your Health Transformation.

"If Your Next Sales letter Doesn’t Convert in the Double Digits You'll Get 100% Your Money Back!"

You are fully protected by our 100% money back guarantee. Try Overnight Web Copy for just 60 days risk free and if you don’t find that these 100% editable copy writing templates boost your conversions or make developing sales letters child's play then I'll personally issue a fully 100% money back guarantee for all your money back.

"A Small, Scanty, One-Time Payment is the Only Thing Standing In The Way of Your Double Digital Converting Salesletter"

Order Overnight Web Copyrighting today with confidence! Remember…

  • There are NO OTOs, UPSELLS, DOWNSELLS, ETC. Your small one-time payment guarantees that you'll get everything you need in this package. ZERO marketing gimmicks or ploys here!
  • We are so confident that our templates work that if your next sales letter doesn’t consistently convert in the double digits we'll refund your money
  • No prior experience needed. These copy, paste, and edit templates are so easy to use that even a 5th grader could do it.
  • Gain knowledge you'll never find in books or on the web
  • Done for your sales letter templates that’s perfect for the web or offline
"It's Time to Take Action – Order Overnight Web Copy Today at the Early Bird Discount ($997 Value)"

Click Here To Download Overnight Web Copy

[GET] Video Bolt – Video Funnels Done Right!

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Video Bolt - Video Funnels Done Right!
Click Here To Download Video Bolt – Video Funnels Done Right!

[GET] Take Profits Formula

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Take Profits Formula
Click Here To Download Take Profits Formula

[GET] $9 CPC keyword that ranks EASILY? How I discover easy, untapped MONEY-MAKING keywords for FREE!

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If you order right now, you can get immediate access to �Keyword Research Essentials� for a ridiculously low price. Hurry. Price will rise with every 4 sales!

Looking for testimonials? These are some of what our fellow warriors have said.

Originally Posted by larryboy03 View Post
Here is my honest review.

I know how important keyword research is and in this you will be shown how to find buyer intent keywords, long tail keywords. It shows you how to generate a huge list of keywords using many different methods, some which I use on a daily basis.

This also provides you with some free tools you can use which can help you generate keywords and check how competitive the keywords are.

And this also helps you understand how profitable keywords can be. There is much more inside with lot’s of great information.

All in all, a nice WSO which will help you get started with keyword research!


Originally Posted by humbleknights View Post
This book makes keyword research as easy as 1-2-3. Its understandable, how much effort is put to bring such good piece. It can teach any beginner, how to do an effective keyword research. Commercial aspect of keyword is well covered. Lots and lots of tweaks and shorts cuts are discussed. I would say this book is informational or a ‘how-to’ guide. Any expert would find some new tweak from this book and could refresh concepts in amazingly quick time. Beginners would love this book, since the book explains concepts simple and quick. The guidelines are backed up by author’s own research which is shared as a realtime example for you. I do agree this book is not a giant bible of keyword research, but it is surely a quick crash course. It is like kravmaga defense for those who dont want to wait long to learn kungfu. I would name this book ‘Teach yourself keyword research in 24 hours’ . Am sure this book is going to trend here and deservedly.
Originally Posted by masterjobs View Post
Nice guide for comprehensive keyword reseach. Using free tools mentioned in this guide you will be able to:
- Indentify "buyer" keywords. Many of you knows difference between regular keyword and "buyer" keywords. Regular keyword might looks nice and relevant, but…. they don’t convert. Many of you seen something like – I got traffic but I don’t have sales/clicks/sign ups and so on. Buyer keyword has commercial intent and much more valuable for us, Internet marketers.
- Generate keywords. This guide will teach where and how find and generate keywords, that’s you need for your niche.
- Check competition for your keywords and find those, which you really can rank without efforts.
- Determine value of keyword.
I mentioned just some highlights of this course, grab it, it is absolutely must have for any Internet marketer, regardless are you new or experienced.
Originally Posted by Oggyoi View Post

A nice, easy to follow 19 page PDF. One of the enjoyable aspects is there is actual information and not just affiliated links to software, services or other sites.

Keyword research can be time consuming, but there good thing about doing it yourself is that you can find really great results, which you keep for yourself. have you ever bought keywords and wondered how many other people will end up being given the same / very similar keywords from a seller ? Weigh up the pros & cons as to how valuable your time is and compare it to buying a keyword which might have a $2 CPC if you are lucky.

Keyword research software is expensive ? The full, paid editions are but there are also trials and free versions out there. Here you’ll learn how to maximise the free tools to remove the cost element.

This report is very user friendly, good to work through as you are reading and has the possibility to produce the $9+ keywords.

PS: What you are essentially learning is how to find profitable keywords that are easy to rank. You do not need to spend any money using the methods that I teach.

PPS: Price will rise with every 4 sales. Hurry, get your copy now!

Click Here To Download $9 CPC keyword that ranks EASILY?


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[GET] [BARBLING] HOT, FRESH: NEWBIE FRIENDLY 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint Can Even TRIPLE Your Sales!

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Within the last week there’s been a tremendous earthquake in the Internet Marketing world…

One with UNTOLD profit potential…

One with profound implications…

…but only when you know the secrets of the
"Buy Button Bonanza"!

Dear Marketer,

With every major change, there is MAJOR opportunity.

And with the fresh news that the Warrior Forum now has their very own payment processor that is tied into it….

You don’t have a moment to lose.

Strike while the iron is hot! . You can triple your WSO earning power

Even if you’ve never released a WSO before.

And here’s how!

Barbara Ling here, 18+ year veteran IM marketer.

It’s breaking news. WarriorForum has released WarriorPayments. It provides warriors with another way to make money via the Warrior Forum. WSO creators can now use this system. Money loves speed as you now…. and I recognized immediately the new profit potential waiting for you. t

You Are About To Receive The COMPLETE Roadmap To Tripling Your WSO Profits

Everyone was a beginner once, including myself. 3 years ago I returned to Internet marketing and taught myself the art of releasing quick profitable WSOs. Since that time, I’ve created well over 60 products ranging from $9.97 to $297.

You’d love to get started on doing that too, right?

The addition of the WarriorPayments system gives WSO creators a NEW way to make bunches more sales without virtually any extra effort.

I will prove to you how simple it is to triple or more the profits of your products online. I know that a huge number of power marketers like to make this seem confusing or leave out pieces….

You will see that my trademark is making things simple.

You will find in your copy of 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint the exact steps you can use today to start building up your bottom line in an ethical way that helps you attract more affiliates and more happy satisfied customers.

You the buyer will have all your questions answered regarding how to take triple your sales potential online with hardly any extra effort at all. Not only that, but I also provide you with screenshots and step by step details for building out sales funnels within other payment platforms as well.

And if you’ve never created a WSO before, not to fear – I’ve pulled together the resources that walk you through every aspect imaginable, including:

How To Make a WSO

How To Write Great Sales Copy

How To Create A Sales Funnel

How To Create a Great Sales Page

How To Attract Affiliates

How To Drive Traffic

What You Wish You Knew!

It’s all here and it’s all waiting for you.

This opportunity reminds me of the old saying, Money Loves Speed. It does. And the ideas you’re about to learn give you another way to make product multiple sales.

Profiting with WSOs Has Never Been Easier.

And because I pride myself on over-delivering, after you buy you will also receive this powerful:

To ensure all your questions are answered, I’ll also include, free of charge, a powerful web class where you will learn additional tricks and techniques regarding the art of launching on the Warrior Forum.

Total no-brainer this is…. total no brainer!

When you click on the buy button below and download your PDF report, you will see just how simple and easy creating quick profitable reports and making more money online can be. Learn now just how much you can gain.

So click on the buy button below and settle yourself down for a fun, enjoyable and profitable read. Your mind will be bursting with new ideas.

To say this product is underpriced for what you receive is quite the understatement.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator


"…Now with Warrior Payments, and with Warrior Plus changing their interface, the choice is even tougher, so I’m glad someone came out with a guide to listing all three ways. I like the style inside the report, lots of explanations about terminology that might be intimidating to beginners, lots of step by step instructions, and lots of screen shots. Perfect for either a beginner or for someone who wants to cut down the learning curve about the other option…

I know the next time I decide to run a WSO I’ll refer to this report and avoid any possible mistakes or confusion. I highly recommend this report."

– Dennis Becker, Earn 1K A Day


"Even though I’ve been selling for years, I still didn’t know the best way to maximize my use of all the platforms that pop up.

It’s true people have preferences, and by excluding some platforms, you’re losing money (maybe even your BEST affiliate EVER).

Barb’s guide is helping me devise a schedule and strategy on how to take one product and squeeze every bit of cash out of it that I can – ethically!

I think my affiliates will really appreciate this, too – since it benefits them financially as well."

– Tiffany Lambert, 6 Figure Marketer


"Barb Ling’s new 2014 WSO BUY BUTTON BLUEPRINT product is just what the doctor ordered. Let me explain:

Let’s say you are preparing to go to market with a new product for internet marketers.


* Are you confused about all the various options for payment processors?

* Can’t figure out how to deliver the product to your buyers?

* How to get affiliates on board to promote your product, even if they only promote one payment processor?

* How to ensure the affiliates get paid no matter what delivery system and payment processor they insist on using?

* How to get the word out about your upcoming new product?

]Not to worry, Barb has you covered — her new WSO is timely, comprehensive, and includes awesome resources for everything from copy writing to driving traffic and pretty much every other aspect of creating and marketing a killer product.

Highly recommended. New marketers and gurus alike will find useful and authoritative advice in this must-have WSO.

– Joe Finn, Long Time SEO Expert


"I love creating products, and of course, I love selling them, but keeping up with the marketplaces, the buttons to use, and the process each implements is like a job-within-a-job.

"2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint" cuts through the noise in typical Barb Ling fashion. It’s a step-by-step guide to understanding the customer buying experience, how payments are processed, and how to maximize your buy buttons.

If the JVZoo, W+, and WarriorPayment options have you scratching your head, let Barb’s "2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint" guide you through the confusion. I read it, and I’m no longer worrying!"

– Shawn Hanson, Write, Publish, Profit!


"…While everyone else is scratching their heads, confused or moaning about the changes in WSO’s and payment systems, Barb Ling is leading the way*again* with a bright torch of explanation.

… Because this is Barb Ling, she goes even further, describing the three systems, how to create the buttons in the first place and everything you need to know about buy buttons and using these systems. She talks about download pages and exactly how to deliver your products by various methods and more. Barb thoroughly describes each platform.

With outstanding overdelivery, Barb gives you a ton of valuable resources that will show you about many aspects of WSO creation and marketing. She covers affiliates and jv’s and much, much, much more.

This is a thorough, but elegantly simple, quick to read and implement, course on how to create and successfully market WSO’s and infoproducts.

I love the clarity, the simplicity, the ease of this product. And the screenshots with explanations make me very happy.

I don’t know about you, but tiny details often bog me down. Barb solves this!!!!! Thank you, Barb!

Anyone who does WSO’s, is wondering about Warrior Payments, wants to know how to use the various platforms and how to be successful selling digital products should get this course.

Keep blazing the path forward, Barb!

I highly recommend this course."

– Val Hampson, Marketer


"The 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint Barb has put together is not ONLY comprehensive and extremely thorough.

Between this and her WF/Freelancer.com Profit Plan, even a total newbie has a plan of action directed down the road of success.

Excellent information, Barb!"

– Lisa Gergets, IM Rockstar


…Your "2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint" is just what it is missing in a so crowded launch panorama[/B]. It’s always great to know how to move ourselves between one affiliate network and the other, and know all the secrets behind these launches is something really valuable…..

–� Alessandro Zamboni, Product Creator


"Barb gave me a review copy of her latest creation 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint, and as in true Barb Ling style she over delivers.

What I love about this blueprint is that it covers 3 payment processors, including the just released Warrior Payments.

I know I have struggled with trying to understand and set up Warrior Plus and wish I had this guide a couple of weeks ago! Barb’s blueprint will really help shorten your learning curve. You will have no problems in setting up your offers across all 3 platforms from here on out.

Thanks for yet another great product Barb!"

– Sue Fleckenstein, Buy PLR Today


This is FRESH.

This is NEW.

Nowhere else will you see these cutting edge ideas!


Your purchase is fully-covered by my 30-day, "No Hassles Guarantee." Try out the strategies inside 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint for 30 days….show me the application of your efforts. And if I can’t show you how to improve it… I’ll gladly refund your money!

Now, a couple of things.

Do NOT buy this WSO if you are looking for a silver bullet that requires zero effort on your part. This product is NOT for marketers who refuse to make things happen! Go look for the latest infomercial for sneezing off the pounds if that is is desire.

But for those marketers who WANT to succeed but are only held back by missing a simple powerful blueprint….

Making money on the WarriorForum via WSOs has never been easier.

So go ahead and pick up WSO Buy Button Blueprint . Don’t you deserve to stop spinning your wheels and dive into the proven blueprint that not only works… but is easy to duplicate again and again?

Get Buy Button Blueprint now:it’s as easy as clicking on the buy button below. You’ll receive INSTANT access!

Imagine What More Buy Buttons
Can Mean For You….

Think about the benefits of 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint:

You’ll never be at a loss which Buy Button to use

You’ll always know where to go to find answer FAST

You’ll be able to triple the appeal for your WSOs!

You’ll have at your fingertips powerful resources for ALL aspects of WSO creation!

I’m excited that you’re going to discover how easy it is to release WSOs on the Warrior forum.

It’s easy to follow (and remember, you’ll have all the how-tos for EVERYTHING regarding WSO creation as well!).

Even if you’ve never released a WSO before… you’ll find yourself eager to make it happen.

It’s so simple.

And now (especially with WarriorPayments) it’s never been easier to do.

Efficient. Effective. And again… Easy.

Isn’t this what you’ve always been dreaming making money on the Warrior Forum could be? Well, stop dreaming now … because NOW, it’s waiting for you.

Just click on the Buy Button below and get ready to hold onto your socks…..

Because they’re about to go on the journey of a lifetime.

I can’t wait to hear your success stories! Looking forward to seeing you, "On the Inside."


Barbara Ling

PPS: Reading is great fun! But remember, this is a spot for *action takers*.

Not solely dreamers who are lazy marketers…

But people like you who deserve success and building a better life for your family.

I’ve even given you a 30 day period to try out 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint! I’ll buy it back from you if it fails to deliver on anything it claims. So that can’t be what’s holding you back…

Perhaps… it’s simply easier to just NOT take action? But then …. you’ll still be in the same place.

Still wishing.

Still dreaming.

But NOT experiencing the success that is waiting for you.

What I’m charging here today is a teeny amount compared to what you stand to lose if you don’t get your buy buttons out there and maximize your profits today!

Remember…this offer is NOT going to be around forever….

If you are serious about your business and you are an action taker and you deserve to start seeing money flow into your Paypal account…. trust your gut on this and get 2014 WSO Buy Button Blueprint today.

Just click on the Buy button below… you’ll instantly be closer to the income you deserve.

Don’t forget…it’s also:

Newbie Friendly!

PPPS: Remember, it’s an instant download as well; in 30 seconds you could get your hands on these super-simple yet crazily effective techniques and begin seeing success head your way.

Click Here To Download WSO Buy Button Blueprint II

[GET] 27 Secrets To Crafting A (Kickass) High-Converting Landing Page

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27 Secrets To Crafting A (Kickass) High-Converting Landing Page
Click Here To Download 27 Secrets To Crafting A (Kickass) High-Converting Landing Page