[GET] Authority Hi-Jack Software

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[GET] Authority Hi Jack Software
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[GET] Tap Into the Billion Dollar Kindle Insanity

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Attention ebook creators that want to learn the secrets to selling 100,000 copies of their products…
"Bury Yourself in Massive Residual Income by Carving Your Lion Share of the Billion Dollar Kindle Insanity Starting TODAY"

Dear writer,

Did you know that according to the Amazon media room, over 150 kindle publishers EACH sold over 100,000 books in 2013? You could be just like these successful authors and quit your job to live the life you’ve always ached for.

"The Reason Why You’re Not Pocketing Your Deserved Riches With Kindle Publishing Is Because You Don’t Have A Helping Hand…!"

What’s the real difference between successful authors and you? The truth is that there’s none except they simply followed through and used effective marketing.

That’s it…

If you're looking for secrets, breakthroughs, or any type of advantage then sorry to disappoint you.

You can do the same and it’s not as hard as you think. All you need is the right information that is easy to read and execute.

Most publishers never claim their fortune because of the overwhelming amounts of conflicting information about Kindle Publishing that steers them into a path of lost dreams.

It’s tragic and from my research the overwhelming majority of authors end up in one of two scenarios (Are you one of them?)

1.) You write and publish your outstanding book on Kindle, but ineffective marketing gets it ignored. You desperately check your stats for sales but it’s always the same sad story.

2.) You have a passion for writing, but all your ideas never get turned into a finished draft.

"You Can Turn This Craziness Around Right Now! Rejuvenate Your Publishing Efforts & Become a Kindle Mega Star with “Ultra Kindle Marketing"

This easy to read and implement e-guide will steer you down the road to financial freedom.

Here's What You'll Master in Ultra Kindle Marketing to bring in those sales…!

Module I: Killer Promotional Methods

  • How to get tons of ravishing reviews for Kindle
  • The best time to start collecting reviews for your new book. Many authors get this flat wrong!
  • The next step you should take after you collected a new review
  • The top places to add the reviews of your Kindle book
  • Several factors that will make sure that your reviews are from credible and proven that they are not fraudulent
  • How to manage and monitor your reputation online. This is a must read for any kindle publisher as it shows secrets to neutralizing any negative reviews
  • What all of the top kindle sellers do with their books months down the road
  • The best FREE site for marketing your Kindle book. You can join in the next 60 seconds and start taking your Kindle sales to a new level
  • The marketing method you MUST you must invest 2-8 hours of your time in. It sounds like a lot, but the rewards will be more than worth it
  • How to properly build prelaunch buzz for your new Kindle Book. Once you read this you’ll never launch your book the same
  • Directories you can submit your Kindle book to for traffic and sales
  • Much much more

Module II: How to Cook up Slamming Ideas

  • How to cook up new ideas for your future Kindle Book. This helps those struggling with getting started
  • How to discover what are the best selling Kindle products on Amazon are
  • The hottest topics to write about
  • How to never run out of ideas for books
  • Easy ways to stay on top of modern trends for writing material
  • A time tested method to organizing all of the ideas you have
  • How to not let your outstanding ideas go to waste
  • Different methods for producing Kindle content that will SELL

Module III: How to Spy on the Entire Industry in a Couple of Minutes

  • Tons of social media resources that’ll rev up your product’s exposure in little time
  • How to stay up to date in the industry to allow you to continue make consistent sales
  • How to use Twitter for marketing and monitoring purposes
  • How to get prompt alerts about industry related news
  • The top Twitter resources to use
  • Much much more

"Order Now At This Early Bird Jaw Dropping Price"

[GET] Tap Into the Billion Dollar Kindle Insanity

P.S Whether you aim to have your Kindle books pay your daily expenses, invest in your child’s college fund, supplement your retirement, or be the crutch you need to quit your job, my guide will direct you in the right direction.

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[GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. It’s really this simple

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How Long Will You Struggle
To Get Good Clients,
When The Answer Is Here
Staring You In The Eyes?

Originally Posted by tolaskool [GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple
This was a great read, ive read alot of ebooks on offline marketing and ive found a few gems in here that i will put to work, thanks
Originally Posted by Gijsbertus [GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple
Another similar review in a row?? Getting bored by all this…?? [GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple

NOT AT ALL warriors! Here’s a new WSO coming up, with some v e r y original and unheard of resources.

Here’s a proven ”evergreen” method, but with some awesome twists and tweaks that make this one stand out big time.

We are being taken by the hand from A-Z and all steps come with screenshots, links and, and, and…

Is this hard to do? Nope, cool to set up, and even the necessary and very well written swipes are included.

I have copied a sneak preview here below, that put’s it all into focus!


Like any real business offline marketing, this is not a walk in the park. There is competition
everywhere and it will take a substantial amount of work to get to the ideal �set and forget�

Don�t come into this expecting to click a button because thatmindset will produce
failure. Like most marketing this is a numbers game so I like go with the 5% rule. That rule says
out of everyone I contact 5% may be interested and 5% of that will actually respond to my offer.

Keeping this in mind I know that I haveto contact a good amount of prospects before I see any
measurable results. But when I see those results they turn into $1500/month income source.

Worth it? It�s up to you to decide!

I can only recommend this wso and hope to test this ”live” asap.

Can’t go wrong! [GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple

[GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple

I�m not going to sell you. You�ve sold yourself.

You’ve told yourself that you can go offline and either create, sell, or promote a product or service and make money.

And you were right!

Every day people JUST like you are making tens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands offline doing just what you�re doing. They are setting up pitches fine tuning sales presentations, and bringing them to prospects.

Everyday people JUST like you are failing to get a call back. Failing to move to the next level. and Failing to close deals.

What Makes The Small Percent So Successful ?

Offline Marketing isn’t very different from marketing online.

You still need:

Hard work

Here�s The Big Myth About Offline Marketing�

It�s about local business prospecting.
It started as soon as the internet took hold.
The myth is�
�Offline Prospecting Emails Don�t Work

They usually add, �they�re old-fashioned, nobody reads email anymore, nobody opens checks email anymore, they�re just high-pressure, hyped up lies..�

As someone who has been making great money using email prospecting letters in offline marketing for almost 4 years, I want you to know it�s all a big, fat lie �100% false

The irony is prospecting letters are actually MORE POWERFUL than ever. That�s right, more powerful in 2014, than in the past 10 years�handing bigger, better cash results to marketers who know how to write them. (or get some sneaky help)�

Why Are Prospecting Letters So Powerful?

Well, for starters, they compete in their space with less media

Compared to every other media, a prospecting letter can capture the attention and focus the prospect like nothing else�but only IF it�s properly targeted and well-written. (don�t forget that, it is very important)

What�s Wrong With So Many Offline WSO�s?

They give you a great theme. They give you some powerful software. BUT they lack the one thing you need to get offline prospects…

A Good Prospecting Letter!

I�ve seen good solid wso�s made almost useless because the prospecting method they recommend is�.cold calling.

Listen, cold calling does work. I�ve done it at different stages of my business. But I also know most offline marketers will avoid it at all costs! ( truthfully it does suck)

You Can Get All The Cold-Call Training In The World, But If You Won�t Do It, What�s The Point?

But, if you have a small amount of time, some leads and an internet connection you can get great leads with the most powerful, yet simple, proven �old school� marketing tool. Remember this�

Prospecting Letters Take The �Sting� Out Of Finding Clients

Introducing – Offline Marksman
1 method to get you clients

What Do I Get With Offline Marksman?

Bottom line: You�re getting a deal�

Here�s why�I�ve had plenty of clients, sold services to offline clients, and made a lot of money with offline marketing.

And I�m positive this is one of the BEST ways you could get started.

I�ve spent so much time with dead-end phone calls, meeting business owners who wanted the world for pennies on the dollar, and otherwise frustrating myself�

Not to mention so much money for different products teaching me about different THEORIES that didn’t work�

You’re getting the simple 15 page guide that will show you how to get clients with 1 simple method

This course is for you IF�

*** You reach for the vomit bag at the thought of cold-calling.
*** You can�t face a blank piece of paper and figure out what to write.
*** You need to generate some good leads for someone else to follow up.
*** You need to stand out from all the advertising directed at clients.
*** You want to outfox your competitors without working too hard.
*** You can�t afford to spend big dollars for other prospecting methods.
*** You�re getting ready to quit, unless you make something happen.
*** Your spouse wants to know where all the money is going.
*** You have the knowledge and tools but feel �frozen� in place.
*** You�re getting some business but need to be busier with clients.

A Caution: Who Is This NOT For?

The kind of marketer who analyzes and pontificates about grammar and sentence structure. Someone who thinks copywriting is about writing (it�s not, it�s about selling)�.

Anyone who thinks these prospecting letters need to be multi-page long winded, small print boring �professional� letters� if that�s you, please skip this.

This course can be used to sell…

Online Reputation Management
Mobile Website Marketing
Website Design/Sales
Social Media Services
SEO Services
PPC Advertising Services
Video Marketing
Local Seminar Enrollment
Lead Gen SITE Sales
Lead Generation Sales
SMS Text Message Services
Press Release Services
Print Marketing/Advertising Services

[GET] The Stupid Simple [Offline] 10k per month formula. Its really this simple

This course is designed for you to get prospects quickly. It works.
But if for some reason you try and don’t succeed then contact our support with proof or effort and we’ll give you a 100% refund

Click Here To Download Offline Marksman

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

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[GET] Mobi 911 Leads
$50,000+ in Mobi Product VERIFIED Customer Results [PROOF]



PROOF that Clients Pay $55.14 to $270.94
in a mid-sized area like Tampa

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads
[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

Just a tad PROOF that Our Customers Make Bank ($50,000+ in Verified Results)
[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

From:Neil Bosley and the SqueezeMobi Crew

Re: Your Multiple Streams of New Income

Dear Fellow Marketers,

Hi, my name is Neil Bosley.

I’d like to share with you a few key things top-earning marketers do and know that
sets them apart
and makes them wildly successful in their business.

If you’re reading this now, you are on your way to earning a high level income and
just like them.

They have multiple streams of income and right now I will give you very limited time opportunity for not one but…


If you want to figure out why you are still not earning the money you’d like…

…Then continue reading to find out what you need to know to join the ranks of the elite
top-earning marketers — who have what you don’t.


You know, I’ve got to let you in on a little secret to the SqueezeMobi’s Brand’s phenomenal earning success — and of our fellow SqueezeMobi Marketers.

We pride ourselves in building innovative easy to sell mobile products, which are custom designed, cleanly coded and rigorously tested to give our business (and yours too)
a huge advantage and make it “a cut-above-all-the-rest.”

The SqueezeMobi Marketers Group will agree with us…

SqueezeMobi products consistently provide top quality �eye-candy� — one look at our products proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they are incredibly stunning and visually appealing.

This gives you “serious marketing superiority” over all your competitors… plus they are super easy to simply SHOW & SELL.

The Mobi products are EXACTLY what you’ve been searching for to make a steady and reliable income.

This is just one of the keys for instant sales success!

You also need innovative products with multiple ways to earn an income from them.


We always plan for multiple sales uses for our products so they can fit into most any online or offline business AND MAKE MONEY IN SEVERAL WAYS.

When you show your clients the products you buy from us — you’ll feel confident selling them because they’ll almost reach out and “grab the eyeballs” of your prospects!

This helps you to get them to take action and open up their wallets in the process!

Our products make you and your business look good!

You may have purchased one or more of our past successful products including:

  • Mobi Cash Cyclone
  • Mobi Niche Raider
  • WP Lead Explosion
  • Mobi Insta-Portfolio Pro
  • Mobi Video Leads
  • WP Lead Celebrity
  • Social Mobile Fusion and many more…
  • AND now we’re offering for your review… == >> MOBI 911 LEADS!

When you’re in the SqueezeMobi Marketers Group — you’re assured of banking more money and of having more surefire methods for recurring income (if you sell them that way.)


If you’re still wondering why so many Savvy Marketers firmly believe in, buy and swear by our products… here’s a little more background about us for you.

We build in demand products to make money for our own business — and that’s our primary goal FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Our products are not cheap imitations.

We do our research and drill-down in the niches we work with so we can custom build, test, and tweak our products until they convert-like-gang-busters!

That’s when we will offer for a very-limited time our new flagship products to our own private SqueezeMobi Marketing Group, and other smart marketers which includes you!


[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

It’s 9 “RED-HOT 911″
Mobile Emergency
Lead Pages


[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

Close local businesses that pay $50 to $270 per lead you get them with these mobi landin pages and do it as quick as you can download ‘em — the 911 mobi landing pages automate your profits!


Mobi 911 Leads is for Mobile and Offline Consultants who want to add the HOT NEW �Emergency� style offers to their mobile product line.

Mobi 911 Leads is unique with…

Never Before Seen Mobile Animations
Give You, The ‘Edge” as
A Top Earning Mobile Consultant

HTML5 Slider Technology Integrated with
Hot SqueezeMobi Graphics for
that $1,000 Look!

We use the latest HTML 5 slider technology in our lead pages to offer more than the traditional �flat� landing page with images that automatically advance!

Mobi 911 Leads is 9 �emergency� niches that require an immediate call from the consumer when an emergency strikes.

All the mobile lead pages have a Tap2Call feature so customers can immediately dial the number the emergency services business owner.

The Mobi 911 Lead Package includes 9 “Emergency” Niche Mobile Landing Pages for:

  • Locksmiths
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Car/Auto Repair
  • Pet Clinic
  • Pest Control

Each mobile landing �lead� page has eye-catching slider images with pro-looking, high-definition graphics and a Tap2Call Button matching the �type� of emergency the lead page is built around and optimized to convert!

The Mobi 911 Lead product provides simplicity (with easy to setup) and quick functionality to attract prospective consumers during an emergency with a mere tap of a button — to call their local plumber, locksmith, auto repair shop, dentist, pet clinic, pest controller, or even an attorney!

Mobile Tap2Call Lead Pages Easily
Get up to $270 per lead! That’s $1,080/month on auto-pilot for JUST 4 leads!

Mobile Marketer’s INCOME STREAM # 1

9 Pre-Selected High-Converting Niches Hand Selected for Mobile Tap2Call Customers!

When you add these to your business you will get easy sales because Business Owners need a high-converting, pro-looking mobile landing page with a Tap2Call button so their customers can immediately contact them.

Emergency Businesses need high-converting mobile lead pages and will pay well to get them!
You CAN save tons of time, reduce your presentation worries and make a heck of a lot more money with less effort -- when you add the Mobi 911 Leads Package in your mobile business offers!

Mobi 911 Leads Package is SEO FRIENDLY and 100% GOOGLE COMPATIBLE.

Mobi 911 Lead Pages require absolutely no technical knowledge — they install in just
1 click*

But that’s not all..

Mobile PayPerCall Revolutionary Method Captures 30-40% of Wasted Leads and
Makes You Up to $270/Lead!

Mobile Marketer’s INCOME STREAM # 2

9 Pre-Selected High-Converting Niches Hand Selected for Mobile PayPerCall Campaigns!

If you are a Mobile Marketer who leverages the incredible income generating super-power of
“selling leads to businesses” = PayPerCall then this was custom made for you!

Because you know you could significantly boost your income with these sweet Tap2Call pages with their proven high converting designs!

Imagine this…

Sucking a ton of profitable leads you can resell for BIG BUCKS TO Local Business Owners!


Our 1x Training Webinar includes a Mobile PayPerCall Step-by-Step Blueprint & teaches local consultants how to close local businesses for up to $270 per lead and automate the entire process! This is a TOP SECRET session!

Just do the math here… You can see how insanely profitable this is!

You, as the local consultant, would sell the individual calls for $50.00 to $270 or more per lead.

If you tied these 911 Lead Pages into a “pay per call tracking” system you can earn a phenomenal amount of income per day — simply selling leads!

(Note: The custom integration of this tracking code is not part of the product) – but this will be explained in detail when you attend the no-holds barred Mobi 911 Leads Webinar!)

Emergency Businesses need more leads AND THEY WILL PAY A LOT TO GET THEM!


(Even if you are not a techo-geek you can still use these Mobi 911 Lead Package to do Lead Generation Marketing and — you don’t even need to see a business owner in person, the lead sales can all be done over the phone or via email.)

The lead generating income you could bank from selling leads to local businesses is astronomical!

All that sounds great doesn’t it? But what if the real problem you are facing is…

Are You Totally New To Selling Mobile Lead Pages or
You Know Nothing About Lead Generation Sales?

You may be wondering…

If you could sell these Mobi 911 Lead Pages or do Lead Gen with PayPerCall — if you have never sold mobile products or PAYPERCALL leads before?

No problem.

Because we’ll cover this all in the Webinar so be sure to buy this now and reserve your spot!

Are you wondering if you can do it from anywhere in the world, or where you live?

Yes, you can!

Two recent success stories from new SqueezeMobi Members!

Here’s Justin and Aegrant on their first big sale they ever made!

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

Pretty incredible especially when you know they never sold anything ever before!

I�ll show you step-by-step in the Webinar how to setup and make money with your own Mobile Marketing Lead Page Sales Business and/or PayPerCall business — or DO BOTH FOR EVEN MORE INCOME!

The choice is up to you!


And with Mobi 911 Leads and the custom training you’ll receive — you’ll kick yourself you didn’t get started with this before now!

How Much Income Can You Make?

How much is a Mobile Lead Page Sale worth to you?
Would it be.. $497 or more INCOME PER SALE?

(If you customize the lead page you could earn even up to $597 depending on the client!)

Then, add to that…

How much is a PayPerCall Sale for a new lead worth to you?

Would it be… $25, $50 and even up to $270 a lead? (Leads start at that lower rate and climb up! $270 bucks is what an attorney will pay for a DUI Lead!)

Sweet right?

But that’s not all…

Buy Mobi 911 Leads today, and I’ll also throw in the following Bonuses.



1. SPECIAL BONUS: Mobile PayPerCall Automation Training Webinar with Mark Helton!

Our Training Webinar � When you attend this action-packed Advanced Training Webinar we’ll cover in-depth sales methods for the Mobile PayPerCall Step-by-step Blueprint and show you how to automate the entire process with a simple platform. This innovative PayPerCall Marketing Blueprint teaches local consultants how to close local businesses for up to $270 per lead!

During the webinar we will cover several ways to market the Mobi 911 Leads Package to ensure you get the maximum income from the 2-in-1 Income Stream Generating Power built inside this proven package!

~ Value = $197


Use this mobile redirect script to redirect clicks from the mobile landing pages to any offer, or lead generation page you desire!

~ Value = $27


Simple to follow and easy to understand Quick Start Guide to make sure you are starting off on the right foot and getting your new Mobile 911 lead pages set up quickly and easily in just minutes.

~ Value = $27


Free Access to our SqueezeMobi Facebook Mastermind Group where you can rub elbows directly with the leaders of SqueezeMobi and some of the top mobile and local consultants on the planet.

Plus…we notify our FB group first for early bird access and special pricing on all of our launches.

~ Value = Priceless!


Superior Level Customer Support with a Ticket System Dedicated Support to answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure your success with this and our after the sale support is second to none! We have a manned support ticketing system to be sure there is always a way to contact us to get your questions answered in a timely manner.

We want to help get you get a super-fast start with Mobi 911 Leads and only give you exactly what you need to stay on target and focused to be in the money as fast as possible.

Just any one of these bonuses alone is — worth the price of this offer!

This sure is a sweet fast-action bonus deal, right?

They’re valued at over $251!

Can You See How Getting All Of This Can
Earn You A More Reliable Income?

Mobi 911 Leads gives you the ability to offer a new and very impressive product to your clients.

Your clients can easily see the incredible value of the wide range of high-quality mobile marketing services and pay-per-call leads you provide.


We know what makes our own clients buy our services and we want to help you do the same.

We find most sales consultants have this NATURAL SALES FEAR…

They don’t want to “sell their products and services” they want the product to be so good it does the selling for them.

With the Mobi 911 Lead’s Package you’ll have the closest thing to a “selling machine” you can buy – just show those lead pages and they sell with ONE LOOK!

Our lead pages are custom designed to convert higher than cheap templates to make sure you get the most leads possible for a lower cost — so you have the best of both worlds!

We know what makes clients buy with just ONE LOOK. And what gets more PayPerCall leads…

And this is it.

That’s really what you want, isn’t it?

You want to make a more reliable income, don’t you?

Your dream is to make a good living, right?

Good then we are in agreement here.

I’m sure by now since you’ve read this far you agree with me…

Mobi 911 Leads is not like anything else you’veever seen or tried before…

The Mobi 911 Leads with all 9 hand-picked emergency niches is not available anywhere else for any price.

We guarantee it - or your money back!

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

That’s a very fair, rock solid guarantee,
wouldn’t you agree?

�How Much Is ALL This Worth To You?�

The truth is this Mobi 911 Leads Package has taken thousands of dollars (and man hours) to design, build and spit test in order to offer this 2-in1 income package to you.

We use the exact same products to earn us a good living.

Now I’m here offering you exactly what you need to do the same.

With Mobi 911 Leads you can be selling your own Mobile Lead Pages and Generating PayPerCall Leads in just minutes from now and you can be banking extra cash the very first day!

With Mobi 911 Leads you have the right “hand-picked” niches with high converting lead pages to generate a steady and reliable income for Tap2Call and for PayPerCall income streams.

Just let the Mobi 9 Lead Page package do all the hard “selling work” for you.

One look and they’re SOLD!

You know you want this.

We are going to start selling this to the general public for $97 soon.

But during this “early bird” sale Mobi 911 Leads is only $7.

It’s a dime sale so don’t wait because the price goes UP WITH EACH SALE!

You’re getting everything you need to add 2 more income streams to your business.

(And when you buy now, you get $251 WORTH OF SPECIAL BONUSES!)

Get this for only $7 bucks!

It’s 100% risk free. Try it for 30 days.

That’s plenty of time to test it and make a reliable income with it, right?

Put it to the test and add two more income streams.

Ok, Neil, I’m Sold…!

Just so you know… there are no monthly fees and no hidden charges.

This Offer can close at ANY time.

I’ll be a nice guy because you’ll get all the free bonuses worth $251.

What you’ll learn in the Webinar will be worth 10 TIMES THE PRICE!

You can’t afford to pass up.

Click The Button Below.

To your online marketing success,

[GET] Mobi 911 Leads

Regular Price $97 – Today…

ONLY $7 and Rising Fast!


We will soon be selling the Mobi 911 Leads for $97
when we release it to the general public.



Click Here To Download Mobi 911 Leads

[GET] Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches

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[GET] Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches

In 2013 In The US Alone The
Annual Spend On Horse Gear
By Owners Was
$40 Billion!

The Horse Industry Has A Direct
Impact On The US Economy Via
Employees + Suppliers Of
Over $105 Billion!

Hey Guys,

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches! allows you to target this hugely popular, Evergreen sub-niche of this massive sports/lifetime niche. Over 5 million people in the United States alone are involved in the horse industry in some way, either as owners, employees, service providers or volunteers. This includes over 3 million horse owners, of which 738,000 are involved in breeding, 581,000 in competing, 1.1 million involved in other activities, 219,000 service providers and 802,000 employees, full- and part-time and 2 million family members and volunteers. That means that 1 out of every 50+ Americans is involved with horses! These folks are super passionate about their animals and spend, on average, $40+ Billion per year on their passion; and this is where YOU, my fellow online affiliate marketer comes in!

Being in possession of this product will essentially allow you to ‘Crush’ these $40+ Billion sports/lifetime sub-niches! You have everything here you need and no excuse whatsoever not to totally make bank!

Any guesses where a large portion of this lovely cash is spent with the preference of many folks buying online these days? Where the online product range offered to shoppers is second to none?

Wasn’t hard was it…Amazon of course!

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and are not using Amazon as one of the primary ways to make your affiliate money online in 2014 then you should seriously re-consider your business plan and get onboard Now!

Amazon is unarguably one of the leading ways to generate a nice, semi-automated income online as an Affiliate. Whether you are involved with sales page creation, authority website creation or affiliate site creation then this stunning WSO is for you…but for a limited time only.

I’m back with another installment of my phenomenally successful and affiliate career building, Azon Affiliates! done-for-you niche product series…

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches! allows you to target one of the biggest sports/lifetime niches on the planet, Horses/Horse Equipment, and i’m giving you 3 amazing sub-niches from the Horse Equipment niche on a plate! With over $40 Billion spent last year in the United States alone the demand is huge. In fact, sales are predicted to continue to escalate by an average of over 6%!

Bottom lin…being in possession of this product will ensure you totally make bank in this massively popular $40+ Billion niche! You have everything here you need and absolutely nothing stopping you from totally making bank…well only yourself that is!

[GET] Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches

…The image above details everything that’s included in this package and clearly shows the massive amount you will be receiving for your tiny investment! I mean over 400 Mb of pure, relevant, quality content in every medium available makes this product a no-brainer whether you are in this niche already or considering getting into it!

Basically, what i’m saying here is that having this product in your IM arsenal will seriously damage your competitors results, while at the same time dramatically improving your own!

Plus, i am saving you hours of ‘trial-and-error’ niche research or the massive cost of outsourcing the task, using my experience and expertise to bring you content that will enable you to upload one if not two top class WordPress sites from which to earn Amazon affiliate commissions…in addition to multiple Squidoo lenses and the massively powerful Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest!

I know it will only take you a few minutes to look over (and be amazed by) the quality and quantity of this product today, which by the way i have added to again to make it even BIGGER! All i ask is that you check thoroughly through what is clearly listed in the package being offered here, and then if you are happy to proceed please proceed to purchase safe in the knowledge that you are getting a ‘World Class’ done-for-you package. Taking that final step will place you well ahead of over 98% of your competitors…

To your massive success,

[GET] Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches


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[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

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How Cool Would It Be To Have A Software
That Creates
A Squeeze Page Which
Averages 63% Optins
The Hassles Of Having To
Anything About
HTML Code?

…And What If This Same Software Could Also Generate A Secured Membership Site To Protect Your Downloads At The Same Time!

Finally, there’s a solution for Internet Marketers who want a great converting list building squeeze page and a simple, user-friendly software that creates it for them at the click of a button.

No long drawn out sales pitch here. No matter if you’re new or experienced in online marketing in the IM niche you know that having a squeeze page that converts and gets optins is the main goal of list building.

If you can get one setup that converts at 30% – 40% you know you have a winner that’s worth sending both free and paid traffic to it because you know its going to make you money.

We all know that the money is in the list, we’ve heard that a million times. We also know that list building is one of the most crucial components of success for any Internet Marketer’s business.

Thats why learning about list building is now and always will be one of the hottest most evergreen sub-niches of Internet Marketing

Recently I put together one of the greatest packages of list building products that covered everything you can imagine about getting started, driving traffic and ultimately being successful in your list building efforts.

Introducing The List Builders Super Pack

[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

Just answer 5 simple questions and this software will create a high converting squeeze page PLUS a secured members area download page.

Watch This Video Tour Of What The Software Creates:

What Other Warriors Are Saying…

Originally Posted by mickey65 [GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area
Purchased this software. Installed without any problems at all. It created an impressive site. The enclosed instructions are very easy to follow. Worth every penny of the purchase price.

Thanks Rick

Originally Posted by BackLinkingNinja [GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area
Hey Rick,

This looks a great deal for anyone looking to get started in List Building (or even for seasoned List builders) – you’ve removed all the obstacles! I do like the way that it’s a complete ‘done for you’ funnel, offering great value and the fact you can further monetise the downloadpage.

If someone is wanting to get started but a little scared of setting up squeeze pages, or hasn’t gotten to grips with OptimizePress – this is your answer for less that the price of a beer!!!

I’m going to be recommending it to all of my own ListBuilding Firestorm students!

Great Job Rick and a steal at that price…

Originally Posted by Roy A Jones [GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area
Don’t delay on this one. Once you set it up you just drive traffic to it and the rest is done on automation. All the content provided is quality so you do not need to worry about delivering junk. You will be able to wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror while you comb or brush your hair. Yep you will feel good because you will know that have helped others. If you are still reading this review stop and go get your copy before the price raises or he pulls this offer down.

The List Builders Super Pack Is A Complete mini-Sales Funnel Look At What All You Get With This Purchase:

[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

Each One Of These 6 High Quality List Building Products Comes With Both
Master Resale and Giveaway Rights

They Each Come With Their Own Sales and Squeeze Pages!

But That’s Not All…Also included is my 103 page List Building Manifesto report:

[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

Check out what you will learn from this incredible course:

• Discover the top 7 techniques for generating high-converting traffic

• Learn about the top 4 secrets to a high converting squeeze page

• One simple trick to get up to 35% more sign-ups with no additional traffic

• How to quintuple your opt in rate on your main web page

• What does it take to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 30 days?—learn the precise steps here

• Once you have mastered the first 1000 subscribers–shoot to 10,000 in the next 60 days–with less effort than you used the first 30 days to get 1000

• The real secrets to article marketing and how it can rocket your opt in quality—I’ll even reveal the one article directory that outranks all other article directories in my private testing programs by over 1000%

A $97 value in itself and you get to resell it as an OTO!

Answer 5 Short Easy Questions Push The Finish Button And Out Pops A Complete mini-Sales Funnel Ready For You To Start Driving Either Free or Paid Traffic To…

…it just doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Want To See A Live Demo Site? Click Here For The One I’m Using Myself

Okay so whats this software going to cost you’re wondering…

I know first hand that list building is the lifeblood of all online marketing. Without list building you have no repeat business and we all repeat buyers coming back for more of our products don’t we? I want to help as many people as I can to build that first list, that HUGE list, that ultra responsive list. So I wanted to introduce my fellow Warriors members to my software at a ridiculously low price in an effort to let you see what kind of quality I can produce.

I average 2 or 3 products a month, sometimes they are software, sometimes they are video and sometimes they are PDF guides. There are some that even contain all three formats!

So for this WSO I’m going to put this software in your hands for less than a measly $5 bill.

But it is a dime sale so the price rises with every sale. I’ve set the cap limit low so even when it maxes out this software will still be affordable to all.

[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

Look at it this way — no matter what the current price is it’s really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands my List Builders Super Pack software and start using it right away to build that massive list fast!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In
“List Builders Super Pack”

Remember you’re getting a simple to use software that contains not one, not two but 6 high quality list building packages that all come with MRR and giveaway rights.

Plus my $97 103 page complete list building eBook course to use your own one time offer!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

[GET] [$2 Dimesale] Amazing Simple Software Creates High Conversion Squeeze Page & Secure Members Area

Please Note This Software Is Designed To Run On A Windows PC Running Windows XP and Later OS. It May Run On An Apple Computer If You Are Using A Windows Virtual OS Client Such As VMWare or Windows Parallel This Has Not Been Tested Though So I can’t Say For Sure That It Will Run.

Want To See A Live Demo Site? Click Here For The One I’m Using Myself

Click Here To Download List Builders Super Pack Software

[GET] Get into world’s fastest-growing market, Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies: mine them and cash them

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[GET] Get into worlds fastest growing market, Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies: mine them and cash them
[GET] Get into worlds fastest growing market, Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies: mine them and cash them

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[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

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Nothing is held back as I reveal EVERY TECHNIQUE I�ve used to BUILD AND DEVELOP AMAZING BUYER�S LISTS

[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

From the desk of: Mark Tandan

You�ve heard it over and over – �the money�s in the list�
And maybe, like me, you bought course after course. And maybe saw some success with some. But obviously not enough.
What is left out of these courses, that �nugget� that�s holding you back?

Dear �the money sure ain�t in MY list marketer�,

I feel your pain. Not long ago I had no list and worked like crazy to drive traffic to my sites and offers. As it dawned on me that building a list was the way to go, I bought tons of courses, applied everything I learned, and waited for the profits to flow.

And guess what? The profits didn�t really flow. Maybe a drip here and there. I realized something – most of these courses excluded THE MOST IMPORTANT PART to profit from a list. That and they focused (almost always) on building a HUGE list, from anywhere, which took a lot of upfront investment.

Frustrated I went back to the drawing board. Discovered what was missing in these programs. Found out that the most important part of a list isn�t the size, but the quality and activity of the subscribers. Tested, re-tested, then tested some more. And got AMAZING results.

Results like these:

[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

Consistently. And how about:

[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

That�s from mailing to a list of 300. How did I place 5th on a leaderboard with a mail to just 300 subscribers, against competition with lists 20 times that size (and more)? Details are inside!

I�ve bundled everything I�ve learned into an actionable course that leaves no stone unturned, so you can start seeing the success you deserve.


[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

a COMPLETE list building AND engagement system that will:

* show you how to build an ultra responsive list from scratch (or revive a dead one)
* teach you to monetize the list-building process
* show you EXACTLY how to engage your list (not what you may think)
* allow you to market products YOUR SUBSCRIBERS ACTUALLY TELL YOU THEY WANT to maximize sales and conversions

What�s Inside:

=> complete, no holds-barred action taking 34 page main report
=> 4 over-the-shoulder tutorial videos showing you how to put the system to use
=> mind maps outlining the system and key components
=> complete list engagement system ensuring your subscribers stay positive and responsive for the long term


* case study showing the amazing results of the system in action
* I give you my EXACT campaign, including squeeze page, that brought 102 targeted leads in under 2 days at less than 14 cents per subscriber!
* list of multiple niches this works in (and no, you�re not limited to the make money online niche)
* how to scale up, when you�re ready, for even bigger profit long term

You now have a choice. Continue on with what you�re doing, and maybe something will click. Or take charge and invest in your future with a proven system that works TODAY.

As always, at a ridiculously low price only here on the Warrior Forum.

[GET] Build a Targeted List of Hungry Buyers !!!

p.s. as with all my products, this isn�t theory – it�s 100% evidence-based on actual results. Don�t delay your success any longer. Just hit that buy button and get started right away.

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[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?

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[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?

[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?

[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?
[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?
[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?
[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?

[GET] [CRAZY PLR + RESALE RIGHTS?!] PRICE LOCK ENDS SOON! 50% OFF! Just $1/ea! Over 10K Sold! Got Yours?

Remember: Each blog is zipped up and ready to install with Backup Buddy! Huge Value ON TOP of all you’re getting. Talk about OVER DELIVERY!

Here Are Your Generous PLR Rights (Basic Resell Rights Only):

[YES] Can be used on personal blogs that you own.
[YES] Can sell for a minimum price of $17 per blog. Can only sell personal rights.
[YES] Can sell for a minimum price of $27 per "pack of 5 blogs". Can only sell personal rights.
[YES] Can sell for a minimum price of $47 per "pack of 10 blogs". Can only sell personal rights.
[YES] Can bundle with other products that exceed a total of $47 in value.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites that charge at least $19.95 per month. Your members receive personal rights.
[YES] Can sell these blogs on Flippa after you have added content to make at least 50% more unique.
[YES] Can edit / rebrand and sell as your own as long as you sell at the prices mentioned above.
[YES] Can sell or giveway the articles.
[YES] Can sell the theme on its own. Recommended price is $17.
[YES] Can use WP Graphix Magic Light plugin on other blogs you own!
[NO] Can give away for free.
[NO] Can be added to free membership sites.
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights (except for articles).
[NO] Can sell Resell Rights.
[NO] Can sell Master Resell Rights.
[NO] Can claim original copyright of the blog package.
[NO] Can sell derivatives of these blogs as a WSO.
[NO] Can give away WP Graphix Magic Light plugin.

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[GET] Create a Giveaway Product in an Hour

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[GET] Create a Giveaway Product in an Hour
Click Here To Download Create a Giveaway Product in an Hour